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Frequently Asked Questions


I left some stuff at the departure airport. How do I contact the Lost & Found Office?
For domestic departure at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, please contact (021) 5506261 atau 5506257 andfor international departure, please contact 5506073 or 5506076. For other destinations, please directly contact the Lost & Found Office of click here.



If I didn't file the missing bag report at the arrival airport, what should I do then?
Please call the nearest Garuda Indonesia office and report your missing bag. The Lost & Found Officer will file a report but this report can not be used as proof.



What should I do if my baggage is broken?
Before you leave the arrival hall, please make sure that your baggage is in good condition. If it is broken, please go to the Lost & Found Office to report damage and get the PIR for either domestic or international flights before you leave the arrival hall. The Lost & Found Officer will fix the damage if it is still repairable. If it is not, your baggage will be replaced with a new one. If your report is filed after you leave the hall, our officer will make another report to replace the one from PIR. However, this document can not serve as proof.



What is the carry-on limit?
You can only bring one luggage in size of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm at maximum and no more than 7 kg in weight. In addition, you can bring cosmetic box or laptop.



What happens if my bag arrives late?
Make sure that you have a receipt of PIR report from our officer at the Lost & Found Office. In some cases, if your baggage is missing, you will be compensated with cash.




What is  Garuda Indonesia - Boarding Pass True Value (BPTV) ?

It is a post flight product which offers benefits to passengers of Garuda Indonesia



How do I obtain the benefits of this BPTV?

Passengers can show their used Garuda boarding pass to GA partners in this program to get discount/special  rate. The expired period is 7 days from the date printed on the boarding pass. Or simply show their GarudaMiles  Gold / Gold EC+ / Platinum Card to enjoy the benefits ( T&C Apply)



What areas do the benefits cover?

Wine & Dine ( restaurant & café) Lodging ( hotel and resort ) , Favorite Pas Time (Hotel & Resort), Lifestyle ( golf and spa ) , Shopping Gallery (shopping sites), Variety ( car rental, clinic, hospital, etc)



What is the validity of BPTV?

7 days from the printed date on the boarding pass



Does the programme only apply to GA Domestic customers?

It’s  not only for domestic flyers but also for international customers



In which cities  can partners of BPTV be found? 

Across all Garuda Indonesia’s destinations such as : Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Banda Aceh, Ambon, Ternate, Gorontalo, Palu, Pangkal Pinang, Lombok, Tarakan, Batam, Banjarmasin, Padang, Jambi, Manado, Medan, Malang, Sorong, Palangkaraya, Pontianak, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, Makassar, Kendari, Kupang, Manokwari, Jayapura, Labuan Bajo, Biak, Timika, Berau,  Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong ( a total of 44 destination cities ) .



How many times can I use Garuda Indonesia’s boarding pass to get the benefit from BPTV’s merchant?

You can use it several times within the validity of BPTV (7days from printed date on boarding pass) however, there’s some partner that’s applying different T&C, you should ask the partner first before transaction.



Will the merchant take away my boarding pass?

There are some merchants that will take the boarding pass, unless you can provide the copy of the boarding pass to the merchant



If I have some difficulties in using my boarding pass to acquire the benefits of BPTV, what should I done?

You need to check on our website www.garuda-indonesia.com/bptv on the benefits, if there’s some mismatch, you could contact our nearest sales office to send a letter of complaint and we will follow-up the complaint  to concerning partner



How much discount / benefit  that’s been offered by BPTV’s partners?

The discount and benefit are varied up to 55% with terms and conditions that differs for each partner



Does one brand promo applied for all of their branches?

No, but there are some partners that’s applying BPTV for a nationwide



How many partners of BPTV can be found?

More than 500 partners and more than 1000 outlets can be found across Garuda Indonesia destination in Domestic and International



Where can I get more information on BPTV ?

Visit Garuda Indonesia Website at : www.garuda-indonesia.com/bptv  or Garuda Indonesia Contact Center Phone. 0 804 1 807 807 / +62 21-23519999 or visit your nearest Garuda Indonesia Sales office.



Fare Ticketing
Child fare means a fare for a person who has reached his/her 2nd but not yet his/her 12th birthday at the start of travel. Infant fare means the fare for a person who has not reached his/her 2nd birthday.



How can I get more information about the range of prices Garuda Indonesia offers?
Call Garuda Indonesia Call Center at 0804-1807807 or (021) 23519999, any Garuda Indonesia sales office, or your travel agent.



Which destinations have a range of prices?
All GA destinations, domestic and international, have a range of prices.



Why do ticket prices change from time to time?
To accommodate market dynamics/customer needs.



What is ticket flexibility?
Ticket rules/conditions that are attached to tickets are specified according to fares chosen by the customer.



Why should there be a range of prices for the same destination?
To provide specific services to customers of various segments.



What is the difference between Economy and Business Class?

Economy class offers seating standards equal to ìTourist Class" and less than standards provided for Business Class. Business Class offers superior seating standards than those provided on economy/tourist class.



I have a refundable Garuda Indonesia ticket that I am not going to be able to use. How can I obtain a refund?
Unless specified in the fare conditions, an International/Domestic ticket can be refunded directly at any Garuda Indonesia sales office or travel agentís office, which originally collected ticket payment. For further information, please call the Garuda Indonesia Call Center at at 0804-1807807, any Garuda Indonesia sales office or travel agent.



If I return my ticket, how long does it take to receive a refund?
If a ticket is issued and refunded at the same Garuda Indonesia ticketing office, the refund will take approximately 2 weeks. The process may take longer if the ticket was issued by a travel agent.



I have a non-refundable Garuda Indonesia ticket that I am not going to use. Can I still get a refund?
We are sorry to say that this is not possible as it is against regulations.



Can I change my ticket or get a refund if my plans were changed due to unforeseen circumstances?
Yes. Your request will be considered and may be judged as an Involuntary Refund.



I purchased a prepaid ticket for my friend and he did not travel. How do I get my refund?
A ticket issued against a Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA) will be refunded only to the sponsor of the PTA. The passenger may apply for refund in accordance with GA policy.



Is it possible to up-grade my class to a higher one?
Yes, it is possible. Go to the nearest Garuda Indonesia sales office to recalculate ticket payment.



What is the easiest way to purchase a ticket?
There are 5 different methods using our Garuda Indonesia on-line payment system: ATM, Phone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or a Visa or MasterCard credit card. For more information on how to make a reservation and purchase a ticket, click here. Fare Ticketing



How can an airline ticket be purchased without an ATM card or credit card?
Cash payments are accepted at any Garuda Indonesia branch office or travel agent. Click for list of Garuda Indonesia branch offices.



I lost my ticket. What should I do?
If you lost an electronic ticket document, you can ask any Garuda Indonesia branch office or travel agent issuing office to re-print the ticket if you have proper proof of identity. For further information call Garuda Indonesia Call Center at at 0804-1807807, or visit the nearest Garuda Indonesia sales office or travel agent.



I need a Garuda Indonesia ticket cover for a formal report to my office. How can I get a ticket cover?

Garuda Indonesia passengers can keep the ticket cover for personal use or copy their flight coupon before flying.




I have completed the GarudaMiles application form. When do I get my GarudaMiles Card?

Your GarudaMiles membership will be processed after you have made at least one departure and your registration data have been recorded in the GarudaMiles database. When ready, your GarudaMiles Card will be mailed to your correspondence address. It will take a minimum of 4 (four) weeks for processing and mailing until you receive your GarudaMiles Card.



What is the purpose of the temporary card on the application form?
You must use the temporary card each time you make a departure to record your mileage before you are assigned a permanent GarudaMiles membership number and receive your permanent GarudaMiles card.



What is my password to login to the GarudaMiles website?

If this is your first login to the GarudaMiles website, use your GarudaMiles membership number as User ID and your date of birth (ddmmyyyy) as your default password. Members who register online through the GarudaMiles website can create their own User ID and Password when they register for future login. If you change your password and then forget what it is, click the ëforget passwordí icon on the GarudaMiles home page. A new password will be created for you and mailed to your e-mail address, or, you may call the GarudaMiles Center and ask our staff to create a new password for you.



What should I do if I lose my GarudaMiles Card?

Contact the GarudaMiles Center or any Garuda Indonesia sales office to get a replacement card. You will be charged a replacement fee of Rp 50,000 (fifty thousand Rupiah) in Indonesia or US$ 10 (USD ten) outside Indonesia.



What should I do if my departure data is not recorded and I donít receive the mileage in my account?
An un-recorded departure may be due to several reasons.
- You forgot to mention your GarudaMiles membership number and name when making your departure reservation, or you did not present your GarudaMiles card at check-in.
- The name you used when making your departure reservation is different from the name on your GarudaMiles card and in the GarudaMiles database, so the system did not recognize your data.
- The mileage may not be credited to your account if your ticket or departure does not qualify for Award Miles, for instance, in the case of special offer tickets or code share departures.



I don't have sufficient Award Miles to exchange for an Award Ticket; can I make up the difference with a cash payment or any other means?
No, you cannot pay cash to make up for insufficient Award Miles. However, there are ways to obtain Award Miles from non-departure activity such as:
- Reward Points from a Partner Bank
- using services at a Partner Hotel
- making a purchase at a Garuda Indonesia Shop, on board or at the GarudaMiles Center.



On my previous departure, I forgot to mention my GarudaMiles membership number. Is there any way I can credit my mileage from that departure to my account?

You can still receive credit for missing mileage if you make a claim within 6 (six) months of your departure date. Complete a Missing Mileage Form, attach the original boarding pass and passenger ticket coupon or itinerary receipt or e-ticket, and forward these to the GarudaMiles Center or a Garuda Indonesia sales office. We will process your claim within a minimum of 4 (four) weeks after receipt of the completed claim documents by the GarudaMiles Center.



Can I make a mileage claim for departures made before joining the GarudaMiles program?

No, you can only earn mileage from subsequent departures after your registration data is recorded at the GarudaMiles database.



Can I earn mileage if I make a code share departure?
You can earn mileage from a code share departure when Garuda Indonesia is the Operating Party. Likewise, mileage cannot be claimed for code share departures when Garuda Indonesia is not the Operating Party. Visit the GarudaMiles website at gff.garuda-indonesia.com for more detailed information on Garuda Indonesia code share departure destinations.



Can I process my Award Ticket or Upgrade Award via my travel agent or online at the GarudaMiles website?

At present, an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award can only be processed at a Garuda Indonesia sales office.



What should I do if I change my correspondence address or contact telephone number?
You can update your personal data by accessing the GarudaMiles website at gff.garuda-indonesia.com, or by filling in a Change Address Form and forwarding it to a Garuda Indonesia sales office.



How do I know how much mileage I have in my account?
To check your mileage, you can access the GarudaMiles website at gff.garuda-indonesia.com, call the Garuda Indonesia Call Center at at 0804-1807807, check your Mileage Statement, or inquire at a Garuda Indonesia sales office.



If I want to cancel an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award, will the exchanged mileage be re-deposited to my account?
Your mileage will be re-deposited in your account if the Award Ticket or Upgrade Award have not been used at all. For detailed information on mileage re-deposit, please see the Terms and Conditions, Art. 9.9.



Can I reschedule a flight for my Award Ticket or Upgrade Award?
You can change the flight schedule on an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award, but 25% (twenty five percent) of the total mileage with a valid ticket will be deducted from your account. However, if you do not have sufficient mileage left for the deduction, you cannot make a schedule change on an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award. You also cannot change the flight route, flight class or name on the Award Ticket. Please contact a Garuda Indonesia sales office to process the schedule change on your Award Ticket or Upgrade Award.



Can I earn mileage on flights with an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award?
You cannot earn mileage on flights with an Award Ticket. If you use an Upgrade Award, you will earn mileage according to the class ticket that you buy.



Can I give an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award to a family member or friend?
Yes, this is one of the advantages of a GarudaMiles membership. An Award Ticket or Upgrade Award from your mileage account can be given to anyone of your choice.



Can I transfer my earned mileage to the account of another GarudaMiles member?

Your GarudaMiles mileage cannot be transferred to another member account. However, you can exchange your Award Miles into an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award that can be given to anyone you like.



Can I reactivate my expired GarudaMiles membership?

No, an expired GarudaMiles membership cannot be reactivated, and the mileage on the expired account will be nullified. However, should you wish to rejoin the GarudaMiles program, you are always welcome to register as a new member.



Can my earned mileage get nullified?
Your mileage will be valid for as long as your membership account remains active.



How do I know if my membership is still active?

You can check your membership status by one of the following means:
a. Access the GarudaMiles website,
b. Check the validity period printed on your GarudaMiles Card,
c. Call the Garuda Indonesia Call Center at Tel. 0 804 1 807 807.



On Ground and On-board Service
Does Garuda Indonesia provide food or drinks onboard?
As part of our Plus-Plus Economy Class service, drinks and snacks are served on all flights, and hot meals are available in over 60 minute sectors, at no additional charge.



What other departure amenities does Garuda Indonesia provide on its domestic flights?
As part of our Plus-Plus Economy Class service, our Economy Class seats have more legroom. We also offer complimentary newspapers, subject to availability.



How much baggage can be checked-in on a Garuda Indonesia flight?
As part of our Plus-Plus Economy Class service, each Economy Class passenger traveling on a Garuda Indonesia flight is entitled to 20 kilograms of check-in baggage, at no additional charge.



What is the maximum carry-on baggage allowed on Garuda Indonesia domestic flights?
Only one (1) piece of hand baggage per Economy Class passenger is allowed. The maximum baggage dimensions should not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (22 in x 14 in x 9 in). One (1) other small item (e.g. laptop, handbag, etc) is also allowed, and the total weight of all hand baggage shall not exceed 7 kilograms.



With upgraded aircraft security, what items are not permitted onboard?
Passengers are now not allowed to bring any sharp objects onto the aircraft. This includes nail clippers, scissors, razors or any object that may be considered dangerous.



When should a passenger check in for a Garuda Indonesia domestic flight?
Check-in is required at least 1 hour before scheduled departure, and the flight gate will close 30 minutes before departure. As part of our Plus-Plus Economy Class service, early check-in is available throughout our domestic network in Indonesia.



Can a particular seat be reserved in Economy Class when making a reservation?
A seat can be requested when making a reservation through the 24-hour Call Center, but preference is given to passengers with special needs, such as parents traveling with children or infants, or the elderly.



What can be done if special assistance is required?
Should special assistance be required, e.g., wheelchair, oxygen bottle, etc., please contact our 24-hour Call Center at least 48 hours before scheduled departure to inform our staff. Garuda Indonesia will do its best to accommodate your needs.



What should I do if I have a special request?
If you have special requirements - such as parents traveling with children or infants; the elderly requiring a wheel chair; or diabetic or vegetarian meals - please contact our 24-hour Call Center to inform our staff. Garuda Indonesia will do its best to accommodate your needs.



Can special meals for children be requested?
Yes, you can request a child meal, which also comes with toys. Please contact our 24-hour Call Center to inform our staff.



What happens when a Garuda Indonesia flight is delayed or cancelled?
If a flight is seriously delayed or cancelled, Garuda Indonesia will transfer passengers to the next available flight, arrange temporary refreshments and, in extreme cases, transfer passengers to another airline.



Surprise Fare
What are the lowest fares for Garuda Indonesia flights?
Surprise Fares currently listed on this website are the least expensive regular fares offered for Garuda Indonesia flights. However, seats are limited, subject to availability, and prices may change without notice.



How is the actual fare that is paid for a ticket calculated?
The airfares shown do not include 10% VAT on the applicable airfare, an insurance surcharge of IDR 10,000 (per sector) and fuel surcharge. Please click here.



Are Surprise Fares available during Lebaran?
Surprise Fares may be available during Lebaran and the year-end holiday season for selected destinations.



If more than one person is traveling at the same time, can they all get a lower fare?
A minimum of 2 adult passengers traveling together can obtain an even lower Surprise Fare on selected departures.



Can a Surprise Fare be purchased as an open ticket?
A Surprise Fare must be a confirmed booking on a fixed departure time and date.



Are stopovers permitted on a Surprise Fare?
Stopovers are not permitted.



Can a booking be changed with a Surprise Fare ticket, for example, a change in departure date?
Surprise Fare tickets can only be re-issued with a surcharge of IDR 50,000 and only for a higher fare ticket.



Are Surprise Fare tickets refundable?
Surprise Fares are not refundable.



Can the routing be changed on a Surprise Fare ticket?
Re-routing on a Surprise Fare Ticket is not permitted.



Can Garuda GarudaMiles mileage be accrued on Surprise Fare tickets?

Yes, GarudaMiles mileage can be accrued on Surprise Fare tickets except on those flight numbers shown with *).



Are child discounts available on Surprise Fares?
A 10% child discount is available on applicable adult Surprise Fare tickets for children aged 2 or above - and less than 12 years of age - occupying a seat. For an infant less than 2 years of age not occupying a seat, a discount of 90% is available on the applicable adult Surprise Fare.



Are discounts available for unaccompanied children using Surprise Fare tickets?
A discount is not available for unaccompanied children traveling on a Surprise Fare ictket. An unaccompanied infant is not permitted.



What is the best departure time to obtain a low fare on Garuda Indonesia?
Mid to late morning & mid afternoon, depending on your destination.



Can a Surprise Fare be purchased from outside of Indonesia?
Surprise Fares can only be purchased in Indonesia from a Travel Agent or Garuda Indonesia branch office.



What is the best day of the week to obtain a low fare on Garuda Indonesia?

Usually Tuesday.



Telephone Check-in

What is Garuda Indonesia Telephone Check-in?

Garuda Indonesia Telephone Check-in is a pre-journey (check-in) service offered to Garuda Indonesia passengers through a telephone call.



What are the benefits?

Garuda Indonesia Passengers will enjoy:
1. Selection of preferred seats at this earlier stage.
2. More convenient passenger transaction activity, including booking, settling payment and concurrent check-in through the 24-hour Garuda Indonesia Call Center rather than visiting a Garuda Indonesia sales office.



How do I do it?

Just call the Garuda Indonesia 24-hour Call Center at 0804-1807807 or 021- 23519999.



When can I take advantage of telephone check-in?

Telephone Check-in service is available from 24 hours up to 4 hours before scheduled departure.



Who qualifies for telephone check-in?

Any Garuda Indonesia passenger with confirmed booking who meets the following conditions:
- Direct, non-connecting flight departure (point to point)
- International: Jakarta-Singapore (only valid for Business Class passenger).
- Domestic: Jakarta to all domestic destinations under the following conditions:
* Business Class passenger, and
* Economy Class passenger using online payment option.



Why should telephone check-in for economy class passengers be limited to only those who made payment on line?

Since it's still in the earliest stage of development, usage is limited, but in the near future, this service will be expanded to include all classes under certain terms and conditions.



Is there any condition when a Garuda Indonesia passenger cannot use telephone check-in?

When a Garuda Indonesia passenger is traveling in a group and their booking consists of more than 9 passengersí names.




Since Group booking has its own checking-in procedure that takes longer than for an individual passenger, this may cause longer waiting time for other passengers to reach the call center.



If I have a connecting flight, can I take advantage of telephone check-in?

It's not possible at the moment since telephone check-in is only available for direct flights (point to point) without connection.



After I have checked-in by telephone, do I still need to report to the airport check-in counter?

Yes, all passengers must still report to the airport check-in counter to receive their boarding pass.



How much time before my flight do I need to report if I check in by telephone?

Every telephone check-in passenger must report to the airport check-in counter no later than 45 minutes before scheduled departure or your check-in will be cancelled automatically (offload DCS).



Does this mean that my flight reservation is automatically cancelled?

No, because the cancellation is merely for the telephone check-in. In other words, your passenger status is changed from have gone through "check-in" to "have not gone through check-in". Therefore, you must re-check-in at the terminal building (check-in counter after x-ray) with a possible change to your seat confirmation.



Can a passenger change his/her flight schedule after checking in by telephone?

Yes, you must contact the Garuda Indonesia Call Center or a sales office.



Do I still have to queue at the check-in counter even though I checked in by telephone?

At present, Garuda Indonesia has prepared a dedicated counter for passengers using online payment and telephone check-in (e-transaction). Passenger without luggage to check in can go to an e-travel counter and then proceed to the boarding gate, while passenger with baggage, after going through an e-travel counter, must still go to a check-in counter to weigh and x-ray baggage.



If I have settled payment through online payment and checked in by telephone, why do I need to go to the e-travel counter if my status is already in the reservation or check-in system?

Passengers who have made an online payment but do not have an "itinerary receipt (ITR)" should proceed to the e-travel counter or ticketing counter to receive their "itinerary receipt (ITR)" for airport security



Surcharge Domestic

What is the base of the Implementation of Surcharge Rate on Domestic Passenger Transport?

Decree of Minister of Transport under PM No. 2/2014



Is the surcharge mandatory and implemented by all domestic airlines?

Yes. All domestic airlines must comply.



When did the surcharge start to be implemented?

Date of Issued February 26, 2014 at 18 o’clock, and Date of Travel February 27, 2014.



How much is the rate?

The rate is decided by the government and mentioned in the attachment of PM No. 2/2014.



What is the surcharging mechanism?

It is mentioned in the ticket during the booking process and the value added tax (VAT) is applicable on the accumulation.



Is the surcharge necessarily implemented at the airport?


Not necessarily.



Can a passenger know the amount of the surcharge?

The amount of basic fare and surcharge can be found in the ticket.



If the surcharge component is not found in the ticket, is the surcharge necessarily implemented at the airport?

Not necessarily.



Why is the surcharge not found on MES-TJQ and CGK-GTO routes?

Because the routes are not mentioned in PM No. 2/2014 and Garuda will ask the government to add the routes.



Why does Garuda implement the surcharge on Business Class as well when the PM No. 2/2014 only mentions Economy Class?

The base of the surcharge is the weakening value of Rupiah against Dollar and the increasing price of aviation fuel up to more than Rp10,000,-, so the management decides to implement it on Business Class as well and the business class rate is not mentioned in the decree issued by the government.



Will the surcharge be implemented for long?

The surcharge is implemented for three months and will be evaluated whether or not it will be prolonged. It depends on the value of Rupiah against Dollar and the price of aviation fuel.



Comfort Seats Charge

What is a comfort seat?

Comfort seat is a seat with more leg room that is available in Economy compartment of Garuda Indonesia flights.



Where is the location of the comfort seat in the aircraft?

Comfort seats are located in the first row (front row) and emergency exit row of economy compartment.



Whom may choose to be sit in on the comfort seat on each Garuda flight?


> 1 hour prior to departure:

Passengers who meet the following requirement are allowed to request the comfort seat :

-       Passenger holding GA Economy Normal Fare (Y) ticket.

-       Member of Garuda Miles Platinum and Gold card. Elite and Elite Plus.

-       Passenger holding B, M, K and N class have to pay an additional charge


< 1 hour before departure at check in counter:

All passengers are allowed to request the comfort seat if the seat is still available.



Why those Passengers who are holding an Economy Full fare Ticket will not be charged for Comfort Seat ? whilst for  B, M, K, N passengers have to pay an additional charge ?

Garuda Indonesia will allow the Normal Economy class Passenger to choose their preference seat at No charge. Passengers who are holding B, M, K and N class with their flexibility of fare class are also allowed to choose the comfort seat with  additional charge, whilst Passenger who are holding Promotional class are not allowed to choose the comfort seat.



Is there any criteria for passengers to choose the comfort seat, especially emergency seat?

Yes. Referring  to the aviation safety regulation, there are some criteria to be fulfilled by those passengers who would like to take a seat that  located besides emergency exit door, such as :


  1. Passenger must be 15 years of age or more.
  2. Able to follow the safety instructions given by Crew member.
  3. In good health by means no lacks of mobility, visual hearing, reading or body impaired react to follow and understand written or verbal instruction given by Crew Member in English or Bahasa Indonesia at the time of check-in, boarding, and

during the flight

Not travelling with child or carrying infant, during the flight



Does Economy Promo class (Q, T, L, V, etc) Passenger  allow to choose the Comfort seat  ?

Passenger who purchase Garuda Indonesia Economy Promo class (Q, T, V, etc) ticket is not allowed to choose the comfort seat unless during the check-in time (within 1 hour before departure) - if the comfort seat is still available.



When the additional charge of comfort seat implemented in GA?

Garuda Indonesia start the implementation of  the Comfort seat charge effectively on 22 April 2014



Where the comfort seat   can be obtained from?

Currently, request and payment of the comfort seats can be obtained through Garuda City Ticketing Office (CTO) and Airport Ticketing Office (ATO)



On which flights the service of chargeable comfort seat are available?

The new service of chargeable comfort seat will be offered on all Garuda Indonesia operated flights (domestic & international flights) excluding codeshare flight (where Garuda as a marketing carrier)



When do passenger have to pay for the additional charge of comfort seat?

When Passenger pay ticket B, M, K, N fare and prefer to sit in the comfort seat.



What is a the evidence  for passengers who have paid a comfort seat?

Payment of the comfort seat will be resulted with the issuance of EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) that is stored in Garuda Indonesia Data base and associated to the passenger’s ticket.  Passenger will be given an EMD receipt.



Is the EMD can guarantee that passenger will get   the comfort seat that they requested for?

Yes. Upon issuance of EMD Passenger is guaranteed to get the comfort seat they have been paid for. Unless when the Irregularities occurred in the condition passengers may not necessarily get a seat according to their preference. However, Garuda will endeavor to provide the appropriate seat with passenger request. If the attempt is not successful then the passenger is entitled to get his money back (refund)



Is there any exception for Non-Economy Full fare class (Y) passenger that could sit in the comfort seat at free of charge ?

Yes.  Passenger who travel with their baby and need a Baby Bassinet (BSCT) as well as passengers with disabilities who require wheel chair and holding any economy class ticket are allowed to sit in the front row seat without being charged



How much is the charge for the comfort seat ?

Yes.  Passenger who travel with their baby and need a Baby Bassinet (BSCT) as well as passengers with disabilities who require wheel chair and holding any economy class ticket are allowed to sit in the front row seat without being charged

An additional charge imposed to  passenger who  choose comfort seat with the following scheme:


-       Domestic flight with a flying time up to 3 hours: IDR 100.000,-

-       Domestic flight with a flying time more than 3 hours: IDR 200.000,-

-       International flight with a flying time up to 3 hours: USD 10.00

-       International flight with a flying time more than 3 hours: USD 20.00



Extra Legroom Seats

Who has access to the Comfort Seats feature?

a.     GarudaMiles Platinum and normal fare Economy Class passenger (booking class Y) may reserve an Extra Legroom Seat with no additional charge.
b.     Other Economy Class passengers with booking class of B, M, K, or N with an extra charge, paid directly to Garuda Indonesia or airport ticketing office.



If Gold member flown on B class, should he/she pay for more legroom seat?

Yes, member should pay charge for it.



What about the regulation and requirements on passengers eligible for a seat in the emergency exit row?

For safety and comfort, all GarudaMiles privileges, term, and conditions regarding Extra Legroom Seats will be annulled
if the passenger does not meet the requirements to sit on the emergency exit row.



Is it possible to refund the Comfort Seats feature if a passenger who has paid for the privilege, ended up not seating on a Extra Legroom Seat?

Yes, Garuda Indonesia will provide a refund.



How much is the additional charge for an Extra Legroom Seat?

a.     Up to 3-hour or flight duration
        International Flights : USD 10
b.     More than 3 – hour flight duration :
        International Flights : USD 20