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Explore More New Route from Balikpapan

Discover the diamonds of Banjarmasin or soak in the sparkling waters of Berau and Manado. Starting August 1st 2013, Garuda Indonesia flies directly from Balikpapan to Banjarmasin, Berau, and Manado. Book your flights online today.

Route One way Return
Balikpapan-Berau Start From
IDR 463,600
Start From
IDR 888,200
Balikpapan-Banjarmasin Start From 
IDR 460,300
Start From
IDR 895,600
Balikpapan-Manado Start From
IDR 842,000
Start From
IDR 1,674,000


Special fares for departure routes from Balikpapan.

Route One Way Return
Balikpapan-Jakarta Start From
IDR 765,000
Start From
IDR 1,520,000
Balikpapan-Surabaya Start From
IDR 721,000
Start From
IDR 1,432,000
Balikpapan-Yogyakarta Start From
IDR 787,000
Start From
IDR 1,559,000
Balikpapan-Ujung Pandang Start From
IDR 556,000
Start From
IDR 1,102,000
Balikpapan-Tarakan Start From
IDR 699,000
Start From
IDR 1,378,000

Prices include Tax, Airport Tax and other surcharges