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Garuda Indonesia Air Cargo Services

Cargo Schedule from Australia - Period 01 April to 30 April 2022*

Route  Flight No. Days of operation Departure / Arrival  Aircraft
From Sydney        
Sydney - Jakarta GA715 01 APR 2022 12:45 / 16:15 A300-300
Sydney - Jakarta GA7134 05 APR 2022 09:25 / 12:35 B777-300
Sydney - Jakarta GA713 06 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:15 B777-300
Sydney - Denpasar GA715 08 APR 2022 11:45 /16:15 A300-300
Sydney - Jakarta GA713 13 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:15 B777-300
Sydney - Denpasar GA715 15 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:15 A300-300
Sydney - Jakarta GA713 20 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:15 B777-300
Sydney - Denpasar GA715 22 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:15 A300-300
Sydney - Jakarta GA713 27 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:45 B777-300
Sydney - Denpasar GA715 29 APR 2022 11:45 / 16:45 B777-300

* Due to the COVID-19 pandamic situation, the above schedule serves a guide only and is subject to change.


Feel free to contact Garuda Cargo if you have any questions or inquiries about us and our services. Our staff will always be ready to respond as soon as possible to ensure that all of your need and concern are being addressed immediately.

Garuda Indonesia Cargo Contact in Australia:

Address: Suite 1100, Level 3, Sydney International Terminal, Mascot, NSW 2020

Phone: 1300 588 747 

Email: cargores@garuda-indonesia.net.au  or  joe@garuda-indonesia.net.au


Find the Frequently Asked Questions here

Track your cargo here


Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods


Items that are likely to endanger health, safety, assets, or the environment. For example, products containing elements that have the potential to trigger an explosion or the shipment of chemical industry products. Understanding the regulations and the process of shipping Dangerous Goods before sending can help in minimizing unwanted events, such as damage to goods to flight accidents.

Procedure for sending dangerous shipment (DG):

  • Only DG-certified officers are authorized in the handling of DG
  • Handling and marking labels must match DG shipment
  • Please double-check the availability of declarations such as MSDS and Shipper declaration
  • DG packaging must comply with DG shipping regulations
Perishable Goods

Perishable Goods


Perishable goods are commodities that are vulnerable to time/place, and require special handling; for example, fresh fish, frozen meat, fruits, vegetables, and flowers/plants.

At the Garuda Indonesia Cargo warehouse, we handle special perishable goods shipments by providing two individual rooms: Cool Room and Cold Room. These rooms’ temperature is adjustable to the optimal temperature of the goods so that your delivery remains fresh and when it arrives at its’ destination.

Perishable goods delivery terms and conditions:

  • All documents must be completed before handling. These documents depend on the type of the delivered commodity
  • Requirements of the shipment’s packaging
  • Declaration of items’ net weight

* Export/Import/Domestic Warehouse at Soekarno Hatta Airport

Live Animals

Live Animals

Do you wish to transport your furry friends or other live animals by air? Garuda Indonesia Cargo service is ready to make your pets or live animals comfortable on the plane until they arrive at their destination.

Please take note of these following regulations before shipping live animals:

  • Please make sure your animals can be shipped. We do not ship some animal species, such as dolphins and sharks.
  • Please prepare all the necessary documents.
  • The animal quarantine process is performed by an official agency.
  • Animal shipment packaging must comply with applicable standards.
  • Please take care of shipping insurance before transporting live animals.
Pharmaceutical Goods

Pharmaceutical Goods

Pharmaceutical goods are consignments in the form of medicines and medical devices. Because of its’ sensitive condition, pharmaceutical goods require extra handling such as optimal temperature control. With that being said, air cargo is the right solution to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies to ship their products.

Garuda Indonesia Cargo has various supporting facilities to handle pharmaceutical shipments even in long flight duration such as AC rooms, Cool rooms, Cold rooms, and specialized containers with temperature control.

Valuable Goods

Valuable Goods

Valuable goods (valuable items) are items such as gold, banknotes, jewellery, and artworks requiring high-standard handling process and a guaranteed level of security.

Would you like to send your valuable goods with our service? Please note the following points before submitting your valuable goods:

  • Please make sure that the valuable goods can be delivered.
  • Please note and comply with all documents necessary for delivery.
  • Please make sure to use standard shipping packaging for your valuable goods.
  • We recommend you to have insurance on your valuable goods before shipping.
Human Remains

Human Remains

Garuda Indonesia Cargo provides human remains delivery services to domestic and international destinations. You can fly on the same flight with your loved one or you can entrust the remains to us.


General Cargo

General Cargo

Garuda Indonesia serves the delivery of general goods or General Cargo such as fashion products, textiles, books, toys, spare parts, etc. You can deliver your General Cargo through the Cargo Service Center, Cargo Outlet, or the GO Express mobile application.

General Cargo shipping terms and conditions:

  • The goods are packaged and ready to be transported.
  • Information about the shipment content to the officer should be valid.
  • The General Cargo complies with Garuda Indonesia Cargo freight regulations.
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