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Multi-currency Pricing (MCP) terms and conditions:

  1. Multi-currency Pricing (MCP) feature is only available by performing transactions through the Website and Mobile channel.
  2. Payment option will follow the currency selected by the user.
  3. Printed version of the ticket will still refer to the original currency, while the payment billing will display the chosen currency.
  4. In the case of converting IDR to any foreign currency, payments can only be made using a Non-IDR Credit Card. Garuda Indonesia reserves the right to cancel a conversion at a later date if the terms and conditions are disregarded.
  5. In calculating a refund, Garuda Indonesia will refer to the original currency and will process it using the selected currency, by referring to the exchange rate of the two currencies on the day of the request.
  6. Garuda Indonesia reserves the right to cancel a transaction at a later date if there is any indication of fraudulent activities on credit card transaction.


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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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