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Bali, Indonesia
8.7467° S, 115.1668° E
Ngurah Rai International Airport
GMT +8:00
Indonesia Rupiah
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Known for its laid-back atmosphere, Sanur is the ideal destination in Bali for those who want to stay close to the beach yet craving quiet and calm nature at the same time.

Located on the east side of the island, Sanur boasts a completely different surroundings than Kuta.

Filled with throngs of upscale beachside resorts and hotels, Sanur is a good deal for families with children and toddlers who are in for relaxed quality time on the beach.

  1. Bali Seawalker
    If you’re looking for what to do for the whole family, visit Bali Seawalker at Sanur Beach that offers you the chance to enjoy the underwater life firsthand; strolling around the seabed on foot and getting acquainted with fishes and coral reefs. So what makes it different than scuba diving? Seawalking does not require full diving gears; regular swimsuit and specially manufactured helmet will do. It will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

  2. Turtle Conservation Education Center
    Located in Serangan, a small island about 25 minutes from Sanur Beach, the Turtle Conservation Center is one of the most interesting places to visit in Bali especially for animal lovers. At the center that has been acknowledged by WWF Indonesia, you can meet the turtles and people behind the struggle to eradicate illegal trade that keep happening in Bali. Learn while play with the endangered animals on their habitat is surely a fun activity and suit the whole family.
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