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Banyuwangi, Indonesia
8°13'57"S, 114°21'27.18"E.
Blimbingsari Airport
GMT +7:00
Indonesia Rupiah
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Jaran Goyang Resto Banyuwangi


Established in 2016, Jaran Goyang Resto Banyuwangi is one of the restaurants in the heart of Banyuwangi City that provides the most complete cuisine variants and has the taste of famous seafood dishes. By carrying out the concept of the traditional Banyuwangi theme, the atmosphere inside this restaurant is very distinctive with the unique design of the traditional village of Kemiren, Banyuwangi.

Variants of the food menu are fairly complete ranging from Seafood, Chinese Food, Traditional Food, to Indonesian specialties. While the beverage variants provided are equally complete, starting from traditional menus such as Ice tape Ireng, Banyuwangi Herb to coffee, also available at this restaurant.

Java Banana Galery & Cafe


Java Banana Gallery & Cafe is located in the Art Gallery, Banyuwangi. This cafe is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful views of Ijen while enjoying a cup of coffee and local light snacks. For those of you who are in the vicinity of Ijen, it is better to stop by this cafe to just enjoy the scenery or see the works of artists on display at the gallery. This cafe is open until 10 pm every day.

Moxie Coffee Shop


Perfect match for meetings and magical moments with your friends, family, spouse and business relations at Moxie Coffee Shop. This cafe consists of two floors with attractive designs that will certainly make you feel at home to linger for just chatting or photo hunting. Many favorite menus in this cafe, such as Chicken Pocket Sandwich, Tacos con Carne, Potato Croquette, Stuffed Chicken Breast Served with Mashed Potato and Vegetables, etc. The café located at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi is open every day from 08.00 to 23.00 WIB.

Pondok Indah banyuwangi


Pondok Indah is a restaurant and inn that has an eco-lodge theme. Restaurants with natural concepts surrounded by coffee gardens and other fruit trees. The restaurant, which opened since 2013, can fulfill your and your family culinary needs before returning to your home town. Lifting traditional Banyuwangi traditional menu is suitable for everyone to enjoy for you and your family.

Marlin Resto dan Beach Club


Marlin Restaurant & Beach club serves the best culinary delights for those of you who like local specialties from Banyuwangi. This restaurant provides dishes that have exceptional taste because they are made using the freshest and purest products. Dig in the delicious culinary with the stunning panoramic view of the green garden to be enjoyed along with lunch or relax at night.

Waroeng Kemarang Banyuwangi


This restaurant located in Tamansuruh Village is a restaurant that provides Banyuwangi specialty food and drinks such as Sego Tempong, Rujak Soto, Kopi Lethek, Sumping, Kucur, and others at cheap and affordable prices.

Uniquely, Waroeng Kemarang has the concept of local wisdom of Banyuwangi culture with traditional house architecture, huts, gazebos, Paglak on the edge of fertile terraced rice fields coupled with a beautiful rural feel. Banyuwangi traditional music and traditional arts such as Gamelan Angklung, Gandrung, and Barong Banyuwangi are also available at Waroeng Kemarang.

Osing Deles Banyuwangi


With classic designs and vintage concepts, Osing Deles is the right restaurant for you who have a hobby of unique traditional photo spot hunting. There are vintage bikes in almost every corner which certainly makes this restaurant more attractive. Not only a cafe, Oseng Deles also sells Banyuwangi souvenirs such as T-shirts, batik, food, souvenirs, and much more.

Ijen Shelter


The Ijen Shelter restaurant provides a jungle feel with panoramas that can make visitors feel united with nature. The famous dish of this restaurant is Nasi Lodog which is made from rice mixed with chicken stuffing and salted fish. Ijen Shelter also provides cabins that can be occupied by 3-5 people per one cabin which is very suitable as a gathering place for families and your relatives. There is also a game so that visitors can better enjoy the jungle atmosphere, namely golf, four connect, and bottle ring. This restaurant is open from 8am to 5pm except Wednesday and Sunday.
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