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Biak, Indonesia
Frans Kaisiepo Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah


In the Cendrawasih Bay, north to Papua Province and northwest of Papua New Guinea, exists a small island called Biak. Even though it’s small, Biak is the biggest island out of a chain of smaller islands. It houses many coral reefs and spans 21.572 km2.

Exotic beaches and its rich culture is the attraction point of Biak, for both international and local tourists.

Do not miss these places when you’re in Biak:

  • Sagara Indah Bosnik Beach
  • Wari Beach
  • Tanjung Saruri Beach
  • Padaido Islands
  • Wafsarak Waterfall
  • Binsari Cave
  • World War II Monument
  • Samber Pasi Island
  • Wundi Island
  • Samares Lake
  • Karmon Waterfall

Biak culinary mostly offers fresh fish served with papeda (sagoo porridge). You can also try barapen with the locals. Barapen itself means grilled on stones--a reference to how food is traditionally cooked in Biak. First, the stones are lit up with fire. After they are hot enough, they put their food on top of those burning stones until they are cooked (usually meat and tubers).

Another point of attraction from Biak is its dances. There are Yospan Dance (a folk dance usually done in traditional ceremonies or to celebrate sacred days), Wor Kapapnik dance (a ceremony of hair cutting), Wor Famarmar (for ceremony of giving clothes), Wor Yakyaker Farbakbuk dance (for weddings), Apen Bayeren dance, also known as Dance of Embers, and many more.

“ Ayo….mansar, binsar kitorang terbang bersama Garuda Indonesia!”






  • Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 3, (62-981) 25737/47
  • Frans Kaisepo Airport, Jl. Muh.Yamin No. 2, Biak–Papua, 62-981) 25757/25767
  • Whatsapp Service : +62 811-4877-372


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