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Melbourne, Australia
37.8136° S, 144.9631° E
Melbourne International Airport
GMT +11:00
Australian Dollar
Temperate Oceanic
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Vue de Monde

A fine dining restaurant in Melbourne that treats guests like royalty, Vue de Monde is a place you must visit, but booking a table at Shannon Bennett’s restaurant will not be an easy feat. Situated at the Rialto building in Collins Street at level 55, the view outside the window of Vue de Monde is just as impressive as the food that they serve. Serving a different set of menu every month, Vue de Monde always makes sure that each course from entree to dessert is served in such a way that is elegant, modern and most importantly tastes as good as it looks. One other unique attribute at Vue de Monde is their open kitchen that is located in the middle of the restaurant, so that patrons are able to see the professional chefs in action when they are preparing their meals. All fine dining enthusiasts visiting Melbourne - don’t miss the chance to dine at Vue de Monde!

Chin Chin

A restaurant in Melbourne that is located at Flinders Lane, Chin Chin is one of the most-visited restaurants in the city. After opening for five years, Chin Chin doesn’t take any reservations from guests - unless it’s in a group of ten or more - so don’t be surprised if you get there and you see patrons lining up the street outside of Chin Chin waiting to get a table, as only when you get seated and get the chance to try its dishes, then will you find out why. Serving a wide array of Southeast Asian fusion dishes, Chin Chin is well known for its family style presentation, with modern Australian twist, led by Executive Chef Benjamin Cooper. If you do get the chance to dine at Chin Chin, don’t forget to try its fragrant dishes, such as the Stir Fry of Bug Tail with Chopped Prawns, Red Curry Salmon, or Crispy Baramundi with Green Apple Salad.

Seven Seeds

A quaint cafe in the Carlton area in Melbourne, Seven Seeds can be your cafe of choice if you’re looking for a breakfast spot that serve a delectable choices of comfort breakfast food and delicious coffee. Using the same coffee beans as its sister establishment Brother Baba Budan, Seven Seeds was derived from the legendary Sufi Baba Budan that smuggled 7 precious coffee beans from Yemen to India in the 17th century. Here, you will be able to choose from a wide array of coffee, from cold drip to cafe lattes with impressive latte art.

Chez Dre

Walking into Chez Dre, a brunch restaurant in Melbourne that’s nestled in a South Melbourne alleyway, you will be welcomed with the wide array of bakery and patisserie items that are displayed - the kinds of sweets that would rival Adriano Zumbo’s creations. With both an indoor and outdoor sections available on the premises, you may choose where you would like to sit, though keep in mind that as a hip and happening brunch spot in Melbourne, the place can get quite busy during the weekends. Even though Chez Dre is known for its dessert selections, if you get a chance to visit, the brunch and lunch menus are not ones to miss either. Try their ‘Avo Luxe’, a quintessentially Australian brunch pick - with smashed avocados whipped with goats cheese and spiced nuts, spread on top of grilled sourdough bread.

Longrain Melbourne

A lift-off from your usual Thai joint, Longrain, a restaurant in Melbourne in Little Bourke Street takes the usual Thai favorites to the next level with its flavor complexities and elegant presentation. Deemed as the soul to Southeast Asian cooking, Longrain boasts a delicate balance for the four elements of the region’s flavor elements - hot, sour, salty, and sweet, the perfect place for Situated in a converted warehouse, with exposed bricks in the modern yet funky decor, the restaurant is spacious and dimly lit, which makes for a perfect dinner spot to enjoy with your loved ones. Even though there are plenty of space in the restaurant, you may want to book a table ahead, as the restaurant is always busy, every night of the week. With its ‘family style’ presentation, you may start your dinner with their freshly shucked oysters with red chilli nahm jim, then continue to crisp seasonal whole fish with tamarind, chili and lime; and finish with the palate-cleansing toasted coconut panna cotta.

Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

One of the most favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne that has been deemed an institution as it has been around for a long time. Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam that is located in Swanston St in Melbourne CBD is a definite can’t-miss for those that has affinity for Vietnamese food. Known for its bowl of delicious hearty Pho, Mekong is also known for its authentic Vietnamese atmosphere and is always packed with guests that want to taste the real and complex flavors that they are able to present. Even though Mekong’s bowl of Pho is perfect if you are wondering where to eat in Melbourne on a cold winter day, Mekong also offers an array of other Vietnamese favorites such as broken rice with chargrilled meats, cold rice paper rolls and crunchy spring rolls that’s filled with chicken, beef or pork.


A well-known Japanese restaurant that is located at Chapel St in Melbourne’s suburb of South Yarra, Kanpai is a must-visit if you are looking for a restaurant in Melbourne that serves authentic Japanese flavors with one-of-a-kind twists using good quality sashimi and sushi. Has been established since late 1970’s, Kanpai has been successful in keeping their standards up for the past four decades. Even though Kanpai offers a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese delicacies, the one dish that is a must-try when visiting Kanpai is their special teppanyaki with meats, seafood and veggies option that is drizzled with creamy garlic sauce on top.

Brother Baba Budan

Named after a 17th century Sufi, Brother Baba Budan in Little Bourke Street takes its coffee very seriously. In fact, here you will not be able to find food beyond little cakes and pastries that would go well with your coffee of choice. Said to have one of best coffees in the city, Brother Baba Budan is an unmissable spot in Melbourne for coffee enthusiasts, as they source their beans from the best farmers in the world and know the best way to extract them so that it will result in the best cup of coffee possible. Coming into Brother Baba Budan or BBB as the locals call it, prepare to not only be impressed by their coffee, but also their eclectic aesthetic, with multiple chairs hanging on the ceiling as a part of their interior decoration.

Toby's Estate Coffee

If you happen to be in Melbourne and are on the hunt for an authentic coffee experience, you may want to stop by one of Toby’s Estate Coffee, an artisan coffee shop situated in Flinders Lane in the bustling CBD. The shop is known for its flood of beautiful light, and their signature blend that are served alongside remarkable single origins that are changed regularly. Stopping by Toby’s, you will also be able to enjoy their kitchen’s selection of delectable breakfast, lunch and light snack options that are inspired by local produce. Founded by Toby Smith, passionate roaster, barista and coffee artisan, Toby’s Estate Coffee is also houses an espresso school where coffee enthusiasts can learn for themselves how to brew the best cup of coffee.
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