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Merauke, Indonesia
Mopah Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah


The first town to catch the rising every day sun in Indonesian Archipelago as it is located at the east-most end of Indonesia, Merauke has a lot more charming offers. Merauke itself has made itself a tourist destination as a town alone, for being the most easterly territory in Indonesia. As a fairly safe territory, the wind is full of peaceful breeze and how the locals live in harmony adds more charming points for the said town to be one of the tourist destinations in the Province of Papua.

Wasur National Park standing strong as one of the tourist destination that Merauke provides all souls to venture. Providing an attraction that is unlike any other, Wasure National Park spoils all visitors with the original natural state of condition of Merauke that consists a mixture of swamp area and a stretch long of savanna. If you’re one of the bizarre-attractions seekers, make sure you visit Musamus, The Termite Palace. Yes, you heard that right! An icon of this city is in the form of nest where a colony of termite building up their empire out from surrounding soil, and by working together, the termites are able to build a high palace up to 5-meter high. Provided by nature itself, the beautiful Lampu Satu Beach and visit Sota, the place where you can taste the sensation of being at the zero kilometer.

As the most easterly territory in Indonesia, Merauke stretches lengthwise directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea Country. This matter of fact makes Merauke becomes very special, of course, especially in the history of Indonesia’s founding struggle back in the past. Too special not to mention, and it is being honoured to become a part of the legendary national anthem “Dari Sabang sampai Merauke”.



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