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Pontianak, Indonesia
Supadio International Airport
GMT +7:00
Indonesian Rupiah

Pontianak City is the capital of West Kalimantan and is known as the Equator City as it is located right on the equator line. In the north of Pontianak city, namely Siantan, there’s an Equator Monument right at the place where the equator line is. Aside from that, Pontianak City is blessed with Kapuas River and Landak River. Both rivers are selected as the symbol of the city that with land as vast as 107.82 km2

*Foto Source: Bandara Supadio Pontianak

Pontianak City was built by Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie on October 23rd, 1771 and began with the creation of a forest on the intersection of Landak River, Small Kapuas River, and Large Kapuas River so that they can build halls and houses for its inhabitants.

On 1778, Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie was crowned as the Sultan (King) of Pontianak. The center of the government is adorned with Masjid Jami (now dubbed as Masjid Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman) and Kadriah Palace located in n Bugis, East Pontianak.

*Foto Source: Tugu Digulist

On January 1st 1988, based on the 41th Presidential Decree in the year of 1987, West Kalimantan is stated to be in the zone of Western Indonesian Time (WIB) along with the Central Kalimantan.

The tourism of Pontianak City is supported by the diversity of local culture of Pontianak, which are Dayak, Malay and Chinese. Dayak people celebrate a thanksgiving day marking a bountiful harvest which is called Gawai and the Chinese people have the Cap Go Meh festival for Chinese New Year and the Chinese Memorial Day that is mostly known (Ching Ming or Kuo Ciet Festival) that attract the tourists. Pontianak City is also crossed by the equator which is marked by the Equator Monument in North Pontianak. In addition, the City of Pontianak also has a vision of making Pontianak as a City of River as the tourism trademark.

Pontianak is also well-known among food travelers. The diversity of its cuisine makes it culinary heaven. Most famous dishes from Pontianak: Kembang Tahu, Bakpao, Bubur Pedas, Chai Kwe, Hekeng, Ikan Asam Pedas, Kue Mochi, Kwetiau, Minuman Lidah Buaya, Pekasam dan Nasi Capcai.

*Foto Source: Tugu Katulistiwa

Plan your trip to Pontianak by flying with us:

Route Flight No. Departure Arrived
Jakarta - Pontianak GA 500 05.20 06.55
GA 502 08.15 10.05
GA 512 10.10 11.50
GA 504 12.50 14.30
GA 514 15.20 17.00
GA 510 18.15 19.55
Pontianak - Jakarta GA 501 06.15 07.45
GA 503 07.40 09.10
GA 505 10.50 12.20
GA 513 12.35 14.05
GA 507 15.15 16.45
GA 515 17.45 19.15








  • Jl Rahadi Usman no 8A (Every Day 08.00-18.00),
    Telp (62-561) 741 441 / 0811 5741 441 (Monday-Friday 08.00-16.30, Saturday/Sunday/Weekend 09.00-15.30)
  • Bandara Supadio, Jl Arteri Supadio (Every Day 07.00-18.00)
  • Whatsapp Service :+62 811-5741-441


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