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Seoul, South Korea
37.4602° N, 126.4407° E
Seoul Incheon International Airport
GMT +9:00
Korean Won
humid continental/subtropical
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One of the most popular areas in Korea, Itaewon is a place you should put in your Seoul bucket list. In this internationally-known area, you can meet people from different backgrounds and countries. Itaewon is famous for its rows of stores and restaurants that define the hanging out culture of Korea. As for shopping, there are many stores in Itaewon that offer imported clothing as well as leather and fur goods, including bags and accessories. On the rows of restaurants to suit any appetite, you can find international cuisines from American, Greek, Australian, Indian, Thai, to Pakistani.



Established in 1905, Dongdaemun has been one of the most popular shopping destinations in Korea. This area is well known for quality products in affordable prices, whether wholesale or retail. Dongdaemun is divided into two main areas separated by a main road. On the first area, you can find shopping spots such as Doosan Tower, Migliore, FreyaTown and Hello APM. Here you can find a tourist-friendly information desk with an English-speaking staff, as well as a money changer. Meanwhile, on the other side, you can find more wholesale stores. Pro tip: be observant and sure before purchasing clothes here, as they have a strict no return policy. The main shopping destinations include the Designer Club, Migliore Valley, Nuzzon, Gwanghee Fashion Mall, Jeil Pyeonghwa, and Heungin Stardom.



Operating since 1964, Namdaemun Market is the biggest traditional market in Korea. All kinds of products are available here in fairly affordable prices, from clothing, utensils, fishing tools, to different kinds of plants. At the market, you can find various food stalls enough for a day’s worth of culinary exploration. Get in touch with the different flavours of local cuisines such as wonton soup Mandu-guk, and Bin Dae Duk, a Korean-style pancake filled with mung beans.



Walking around the Apgujeong Rodeo Street can make you feel like being in a fashion show. Situated at the heart of Gangnam, Apgujeoung is quite similar to the Beverly Hills area in Los Angeles, as it is roamed by fashionable people wearing the latest in fashion. The Galleria Department Store is one of its shopping destinations here. Visitors can find premium luxury brands such as Prada, Bally, Ferragamo, and Gucci. They also often give out considerable discounts. The area also houses some of the city’s best beauty salons and dermatologists, offering the best treatments.



Inscribed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the biggest shopping centre in the world, Shinsegae Centrum City Department Store is one shopping destination that you must not miss when in Seoul. The five-storey main building and fourteen-storey new building host almost anything and everything shoppers can think of. Some parts are dedicated to hosting luxurious brands from Korea and beyond, with other areas providing entertainment options, all under one roof. In this shopping centre you can find interesting activities from a luxurious spa to an ice skating rink that caters up to 500 skaters.



The name Hongdae, is the abbreviation for Hongik Daehakgyo, or the University of Hongik. The area covers all of the stores and cafes in close proximity to the university. Not only can you find all kinds of Korean apparels, but also many unique souvenirs to bring home. Visitors can relax and dine at the clubs and restaurants in the area. Even if you don’t shop much, Hongdae still welcomes you with live music and art performances showing daily from 2 pm to 5 pm. On Saturdays, you can enjoy Hongdae Free Market from 2 pm to 6 pm, which transforms into Hongdae Hope Market the next day. This is regarded by locals as an oasis in the middle of the busting capital.



Ever wondered how Koreans maintain their looks? You can find the answer in Myeongdong, a destination for all beauty enthusiasts. In this district, you can find a wide array of makeup and skincare products that most Korean celebrities and to makeup artists use. All kinds of beauty brands can be easily found here, from Innisfree, Etude House, Laneige, Skin Food, to Saem. Not only are these products sold much cheaper that they would in other countries, shoppers will also get freebies from the stores in samples. In addition to shopping for cosmetics, other fun activities you can do in Myeongdong is dressing up in the traditional Korean dress, Hanbok, at the Global Cultural Centre.
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