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Timika, Indonesia
Mozes Kilangin Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah

There is a city named Timika, located in Mimika District, Papua, Indonesia. For those of you who fly with Garuda Indonesia to Timika, you will land in its airport, called Mozes Kilangin.

Tiga Raja Cathredal Church in Timika

The Monument of Peace in Timika Square

The district of Mimika possesses 7 local tribes, with its two biggest tribes being Amungme who reside in the mountains and Kamoro who reside alongside the shores.

Below are places you could choose as your destination in Timika and around:


Ipaya Beach

Ipaya Beach is a combination of Ipiri, Paripi and Yaraya. In Ipaya Beach, you will not only find the beauty of nature, but also the vibrant colors of local culture. The locations are a little hidden and need several transits, but you will be well rewarded with the beauty of Ipaya Beach.


Lorentz National Park

In December 12th , 1999, The United Nations and UNESCO officialy dubbed Lorentz National Park as a World Heritage Site. With a land as vast as 66 acres, Lorentz National Park is the biggest in South East Asia. Due to its massive size, the land has not been mapped to the fullest. But in Lorentz National Park, you will encounter many varieties of nature and also culture.

Access to the national park can be gained through a flight from Timika, and continued with sea and land access.


Keakwa Tourism

Keakwa Village is located in Mimika Tengah district. Not only does it show the beauty of white-sanded beach, it also contains a lot of inherited history. In the past, Keakwa used to be one of Japanese defense in fighting back ally in World War II. In there, you can find what the history has left for us; such as canons and metal tanks.

Not only that, you can visit other destinations such as Kampus Biru, Kali Pindah-Pindah, Kali Iwaka, Kali Kyura, and many more.






  • Jl. Budi Utomo No. 652–653, Inauga, Mimika Baru, (62-901) 324200/3126747
  • Mosses Kilangin Airport Jl. Kwamki Narama, Timika (62-901) 323767
  • Whatsapp Service : +62 823-9856-7777


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