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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
7.7956° S, 110.3695° E
AdiSutjipto International Airport (JOG)
GMT +7:00
Indonesian Rupiah
Tropical and Humid
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Klinik Kopi

Coffee lovers must stop by this unique coffee spot, as it does not only serve great coffee but also a coffee discovery experience. At Klinik Kopi you can enjoy your coffee while having insightful talks with the owner to find the coffee that suits you best. Here visitors can also watch the baristas in action as they tutor you to brew your own best. They would also share their stories on the beans’ journey from the farmers to your cup.

Soto Kadipiro

Soto, a traditional chicken stew, is a favorite Indonesian dish with Yogyakarta having some of the best versions of it. Soto Kadipiro is the place to have your Yogyakarta culinary exploration. A favorite amongst visitors and locals alike for generations, entering the restaurant you will be greeted with a warm and tasty bowl of soto along to enjoy amidst the classical Javanese interior. Throughout Yogyakarta you can find several branches of Soto Kadipiro with equally tasty dishes yet with slightly different flavours.


Via-Via is a restaurant and bakery settling side by side. It is a cool spot in Yogyakarta where the health conscious crave for, as they offer tasty local and international treats made all-natural. Entering Via-Via, you will discover European-inspired interior with plenty of natural air and tables positioned close to one another. If you only want to try some light bites, have a go at their cup of hot chocolate alongside their pastries and cakes. The cafe is also one of the settings of a popular local flick Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

Sellie Coffee

Now, some may have noticed this quaint coffee shop as the spot where Rangga and Cinta met in a scene in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2. Sellie Coffee is also a convenient coffee shop where visitors can enjoy their picks of quality Indonesian coffee, from Gayo, Toraja, Papua, Flores, to coffees from nearby Yogyakarta regions Merapi and Menoreh. In addition to authentic Indonesian coffee, Sellie Coffee also serve all kinds of snacks and traditional drinks such as fried cassavas with spicy garlic sambal. The interior of the coffee boasts traditional ethnic touches, with paintings from local artists adordning the woven-bamboo walls.

Epic Coffee

Located on the main street called Palagan Tentara Pelajar, Epic Coffee sports a European-inspired theme, a short walk from the Hyatt Hotel Yogyakarta. The cafe offers a romantic ambiance, which is perfect for date nights. Couples’ favorite include sharing menu options such as nachos and churros that pair well with the warm Gingery Latte or the Epic Coffeelicious. As they wait for their orders, they can explore for furniture and interior inspirations at the Epilog Furniture next door.

Sate Klatak Pak Bari

Satay is a popular Indonesian dish that in every part of the country there are versions it. In Yogyakarta, Sate Klathak is a popular satay made of young lamb meat seasoned with just salt and pepper, which are then skewered through a bicycle wheel rim. After grilling, the satay is served with lamb curry. With different satay houses offering satay klatak, Sate Klatak Pak Bari in Wonokromo Market in Bantul is the one we recommend. Satay klatak is normally served in 2 skewers per portion, with large chunks of meat.

Gudeg Yu Djum

One of the most popular gudeg places, if not the most popular in Yogyakarta, is Gudeg Yu Djum. This popular eatery has been around since 1950, and they continue to serve delicious gudeg and sides. The traditional gudeg is served with rice, spicy sambal krecek, chicken and egg, as well as tempe and tofu that are marinated in sweet sauce. This traditional dish is one of the signature dishes of Yogyakarta, and they can make a perfect gift to bring back home. Thanks to the slow-cooking technique and ceramic pot pacakaging, gudeg takeaways can be safely consumed days after.


If an unforgettable romantic dinner is in you Yogyakarta itinerary, the Abhayagiri is the perfect place. The dinner experience not only involve food, but also a magnificent view of the mountains as it is nestled on a hill. This also mean cool breeze, serenity, and a surrounding view of Mount Merapi, Prambanan Temple and Sojiwan. Dine here and you will be accompanied with traditional Javanese music as you enjoy a selection of authentic local and international cuisines. To really make the most out of your dining at Abhayagiri, don’t book in advance and go when the sky is clear in the summer.

Timbul Roso

Timbul Roso is a perfect choice for you for a fun day away from the city. This green and lush restaurant is surrounded by large trees and a well-maintained forest-like area for a comfortable dining. Here, you can enjoy many Indonesian favorites from Grilled Gurame fish to oxtail soup that are excellent to savour in the cool breeze. Setting, sights, and food have made this restaurant one of favorites for families to dine in.

Warung Bu Ageng

Yogyakarta always preserve its cultural heritage and traditions while keeping up with modern trends. Warung Bu Ageng is one restaurant that preserves Javanese heritage through the delicacies it offers and the setting the patrons are dining in. Located in Tirtodipuran, this eatery is owned by a popular Indonesian artist Butet Kertaredjasa. It serves traditional favorites such as Nasi Campur Ayam Bakar Suwiran, Nasi Pecel Telur Ceplok, Ayam Nyelekit, and Bubur Duren Mlekoh. The restaurant is homey with the walls adorned with pictures of Indonesia’s prominents, from artists to politicians, from those who are on top of their games, and those who have departed.
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