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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
7.7956° S, 110.3695° E
AdiSutjipto International Airport (JOG)
GMT +7:00
Indonesian Rupiah
Tropical and Humid
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Jalan Malioboro


Visiting Yogyakarta, you may have heard about Malioboro Road before. This main road of Yogyakarta is always used when the Keraton is holding a royal ceremony or celebration. Also known as the connecting pathway between Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta Keraton and the Merapi Mountain, this road is also famed for its rows of shops and kiosks that sell Yogyakartan souvenirs. Along this road, you will find a wide range of souvenirs from t-shirts, Javanese hats or blangkon, to arts and crafts as well as snacks that you will be able to bring back home.

Pasar Beringhardjo


A market that has been established since 1758, the Beringharjo Market is one traditional market that you must not miss out on. Always packed and busy with tourists and locals, at this market you will be able to find traditional Batik pieces in all kinds of patterns with the best prices possible, as well as arts and crafts, accessories, even traditional natural herbs that can be used to make your own concoction of traditional jamu.

Ambarukmo Plaza

The biggest mall in the whole city of Yogyakarta, Ambarukmo Plaza offers guests all kinds of facilities and sells many souvenirs for you to bring back home. This 5-storey building is built atop a 120,000 metre squared land, which makes it the biggest mall in the city and its surroundings. One fun fact about the mall, is that you will be able to eat at the food court that overlooks the view of the city as well as airplanes that are taking off from the Adisutjipto Airport

Jogja City Mall

A shopping mall with a unique building, this mall was designed with Roman architecture with facades and high pillars that resembles the designs of Roman times. Even so, the interior of this mall is very much seeped in Javanese culture with locks and railings that would resemble the embellishments at the Yogyakartan Royal Palace. Like other malls, at the Jogja City Mall you will be able to shop, dine, and entertain yourself with watching movies and all kinds of exhibitions and shows.

House of Raminten

A little food kiosk that combines the art of Javanese culinary and decor that will bring you back to vintage Java. At the restaurant you will be able to find an old mirror, leather couches, antique massive chairs and tables, even a collection of smoking pipes - all in well kept condition and are positioned neatly in this quaint dining spot. Interestingly enough, all of the servers wear a traditional batik tube top complete with traditional gamelan music in the background and smells of incense burning.

Coklat Monggo

Coming home from Yogyakarta with gudeg and bakpia as souvenirs are definitely a must, but if you would like to bring back home something a little bit out of the ordinary and different, you may want to stop by Coklat Monggo or Monggo Chocolate that presents all kinds of chocolate bars that would rival Belgian chocolate. All of Coklat Monggo’s products are produced with natural ingredients and are packed using recycled papers and FSC-certified paper. On the packaging you will be able to find many illustrations which shows Yogya’s uniqueness from becak, shadow plays, Borobudur Temple, and more. If you would like to see for yourself how the chocolates are made, you could pay a visit to the Coklat Monggo factory in Kotagede.

Batik Keris

Largely known for its batik productions, you must not miss out on the chance to buy original Javanese batik cloths when traveling to Yogyakarta. If you are at Malioboro Road, you may stop by to the Batik Keris shop that is one of the biggest batik producers in Indonesia. With dozens of shops around Indonesia, Batik Keris is definitely an essential spot to stop by if you are looking for souvenirs to bring for your loved ones back home.
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