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Jakarta, April 9th 2021 – The national airline Garuda Indonesia fully support to Government’s policy related to transportation control during the Eid Homecoming period which starts from May 6th – 17th 2021, following the issuance of SE number 13 of 2021 from Covid-19 Response Acceleration Task Force.

The President and CEO of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra said, “We do understand that this policy is a part of Government’s effort to optimize the Covid-19 prevention and control handling which certainly require active participation from all levels of  society, including us as service providers air transport.”

“In line with this support, as the national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is committed to participate and take an active roles on the Covid-19 prevention and control efforts, that is to ensure and provide the air transport connectivity for every community who need to travel during this period or people who are included in the category of being exempted from the provisions which of course refers to the travel requirements and applicable regulations”, he said.

“In addition, Garuda Indonesia is also committed to support the  accessibility of logistic distribution which projected will increase significantly ahead of the upcoming Eid celebration, where people’s preferences for sending goods as a means of hospitality will increase, one of which we will optimize through Kirim Aja Service and Cargo flight service,” added Irfan.

Furthermore, “Related to the Transportation Control Policy Garuda Indonesia is also currently preparing anticipatory policy specially related to the flight service operational policies to support the implementation of this Eid Homecoming Transportation Control Policy, including : adjusting flight frequency and schedule as needed, adjusting operational policies on pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight service before, during and after the Eid Homecoming Ban, optimizing the cargo service to support logistic distribution and other various anticipatory policies in the operational areas.”

“To ensure all the adjustments are running optimally, Garuda Indonesia continues to carry out  intensive coordination with other  airport authority stakeholders. We will continue to  monitor the passengers traffic during the Eid Homecoming Ban Policy, to ensure the flight operations and flight service would running smoothly”, Irfan explained.

“To support the Government Transportation Policy, we also suggest all community who have plan to travel on the Eid Homecoming Ban Period to adjust their flight schedule plan immediately. Garuda Indonesia provides flexibility in the form of additional fee waivers for people who make changes to their flight plans, referring to the applicable provisions”, said Irfan.

“We believe that national economic recovery efforts will not no run optimally without the government’s firm steps in accelerating the handling of the pandemic which needs to be supported by every active community participation in order to minimize the risk of spread. Therefore, we hope that we can interpret this Eid Homecoming Ban provision as an effort to prevent transmission and acceleration of broader recovery is in line with the momentum of national vaccination that the government has implemented since the early of 2021, explained Irfan.




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