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We often refer to our SkyTeam family. We’re an alliance of 20 airlines all with the same goal of providing a high-quality service to our global customers. However, nothing shows the spirit of togetherness and friendship that exists across SkyTeam quite like the striking images from our latest Flight Attendants’ photo shoot.

An iconic symbol of SkyTeam, the previous photo was shot in March 2014 when Garuda Indonesia joined the alliance. Some members have changed their uniforms since, so it was time for a refresh. As we wanted the new images to be a little bit different, while keeping an airport theme, we chose to use a runway for our latest family reunion. With its vast expanse of blue sky and bright sunshine, California’s magnificent Mojave Desert was a striking choice, but there’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect picture.

Coordinating travel schedules for our 20 flight attendants was fairly simple, thanks to the reach of our network, which offers 1,062 destinations across 177 countries and 17,343 daily departures. Los Angeles International Airport –LAX as it is known the world over - is served by 11 SkyTeam members with nonstop links to our hubs in Amsterdam, Beijing, Rome, Jeddah, Mexico City, Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei, as well as Delta hubs across the United States. 

One of SkyTeam’s top priorities over 16 years has been to deliver greater seamlessness for the millions of customers that transfer between members at our global hubs. As well as making travel smoother for customers, it made sure flight attendants with connections – such as Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, TAROM and Xiamen Airlines – all arrived on time.  

Careful planning and a 50-strong ‘behind-the-scenes’-crew ensured our flight attendants were runway ready. The shoot took place over two days under the desert sun, with the mercury hitting 40 degrees Celsius. But aside from the elegant uniforms, it is the warmth between colleagues that has been captured best in these images. With more than 16 languages spoken between them, the flight attendants represent their individual airlines as well as the diversity of an alliance that spans six continents and serves more than 665 million customers every year.

You can find more photos on SkyTeam.com or our social media, and we hope you like them as much as we do. They are a perfect symbol of how we are working together to bring the world together.


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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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