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Loyalty is a two way street, and SkyTeam’s member airlines strive every day to earn the loyalty you show us. SkyTeam alliance has had a focus on its customers since its very creation fifteen years ago and the evolution of this loyalty is at the forefront of what you can expect when you fly with our member airlines.

From the beginning our customers could earn and redeem miles across member airlines. It may seem basic now to today’s frequent flyers, but this was an evolutionary stepping stone for the foundation of SkyTeam Elite Status. The next step was lounge access, an oasis in the airport, a welcome respite from the pace of the terminal for our loyal customers on their travels around the world.

What began as a small network of airline lounges available as a thank you to SkyTeam’s Elite Plus frequent flyers has grown into a network of more than 620 across six continents. There is also a growing number of SkyTeam Exclusive Lounges offered by the alliance itself on behalf of all our member airlines.  You can find these SkyTeam lounges at London HeathrowIstanbul and Sydney airports and soon in Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing. Airports are a home away from home for many of SkyTeam’s frequent flyers and lounges are a vital part of this recognition.

Our evolution over the past fifteen years has sought to reward loyalty to a SkyTeam member airline’s frequent flyer program by making your travels more seamless and efficient; reducing the time you spend in line. With the creation of SkyPriority, SkyTeam Elite Plus customers can expect expedited lanes at check in counters, at baggage drop off and on arrival at luggage pickup. Your time is valuable and, whether it is for business or leisure, it should be yours, to relax, work, or explore in, rather than spent waiting.

Once at the gate our loyalty to our customers is once again in evidence with fast-track boarding through dedicated SkyPriority lanes.  This gives you more time to stow your carry-on bags, get settled in your seat and relax before your flight because your priorities are our priorities.

Another of our loyalty benefits is the universal recognition, regardless of what frequent flyer program you belong to. Irrespective of which SkyTeam member airline you fly, your loyalty will be seamlessly recognized as if you are on your own carrier, getting same service as you are used to.

Each day SkyTeam member airlines work to show passengers they are as loyal to them, as you are to us. Our history has served us well, and you can be sure our future will continue to serve you well too.

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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