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GarudaMiles Tier Matching Offer

Due to popular demand, GarudaMiles is extending the Tier Matching program until June 30, 2024, catering not only to Qantas but also to Virgin Australia premium tier members. This extension allows you, as an eligible Platinum member, to enrol and enjoy the exclusive privileges of GarudaMiles' Platinum VIP memberships, accessing a range of special benefits during this period.

Duration: March 1st, 2024 - June 30th, 2024

Eligible Airline / Tier:

Airline / Frequent Flyer Program
Matching Level
Tier Level GarudaMiles Tier Level
Qantas Platinum Platinum VIP
Virgin Australia Platinum Platinum VIP

Required documentation:

Member of GarudaMiles
New Member Existing Member
Other Airline Frequent Flyer Card

Flying Mileage Transaction Record

(3-6 months with name/member No visible) 

GarudaMiles Card

Online Registration Here

√* √*
Copy of passport or driver licence **

* GarudaMiles digital card can be accessed via FlyGaruda App. 

** Passport and Driver Licence numbers can be covered/blacked out

Application Process: Submit your Expression of Interest along with the necessary documents mentioned in the table above to marketing@garuda-indonesia.net.au. Our team will review and respond upon confirming your eligibility.

Key terms and conditions:

  • The tier matching offer applies only to qualifying airlines Platinum statuses earned through flying. Status obtained through gifting, pooling of Status Credits, or complimentary status does not qualify.
  • The matched tier remains valid for 3 months starting from the date of matching approval.
  • Members can extend their tier for an additional 9 months by flying with Garuda Indonesia at least once from Australia to Indonesia and vv. or via Indonesia during the initial 3-month period (either one way or return flight).
  • The matched tier in GarudaMiles through this program Platinum VIP. If the member fails to meet the requirements within the first 3 months, their status will revert to their original tier.
  • After 12 months, GarudaMiles members from the Tier Matching program will be assessed based on GarudaMiles' standard qualification policy.
  • Each member can participate in the tier matching program only once.
  • GarudaMiles reserves the right to reject the Expression of Interest and/or revoke the Tier Matching membership/status if the submitted documents are deemed suspicious or fail to meet our stipulated requirements.
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