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This provincial capital of Bali is always crowded with tourists or foreigners. Jalan Gaja Mada, for example, is one of the central business, government, including traditional markets selling various items and local art products. Famously known as the Island of God, Bali offers a spectacular view, so make sure you see a sunset from one of its beautiful beaches. If you are bored with the urban frenzy, Ubud is one of the interesting places to visit. One of the favorite night tours in Bali is watching Kecak Dance in Uluwatu. Tanah Lot, Batu Bar and El Kabron are some of the hot tourist spots that you don’t want to miss. There are lots of Balinese food to choose; from high-end cuisine restaurants, beach clubs, until local delicacies along the streets. Don’t forget to taste local people’s favorite dish such as Babi Guling (suckling pig), Ayam Betutu (grilled chicken) and Sate Lilit. Stop by at the art market Kumbasari, Bali Museum, or Monument of Bajra Sandhi to explore the historical sites of Bali. Before going back home, you don’t want to miss going to the central souvenir shop in Bali, Krisna. In November, there will be Hari Raya Tumplek Uduh. This is the day when Sanghyang Sangkara, one of the gods, comes down and maintain the life of all plants on earth. This is one of the interesting rituals that you can enjoy with the family!


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