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Sultan Babullah Airport (TTE)
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
UTC +9

Ternate City is located at the foothill of Gamalama stratovolcano mountain in the Province of North Maluku. For you who’d want to pay a visit to Ternate, make sure that these destinations below are in for your list of places to go:

Benteng Tolukko, Benteng Oranje and Benteng Kalamata

They are Dutch forts that stored a lot of historical legacies.

Sulamadaha Beach

The perfect beach to relax, swim or even to go deep and dive! There are a lot of beautiful coral reefs for you to please your visual. Don’t forget to taste the special Mulut Bebek banana chips and Guraka water to accompany your visit to this beach.

Jikomalamo Beach

The crystal clear water makes you want to stay and swim there for as long as forever.

Tolire Lake and Ngade lake

Both of these lakes offer the scenic view that freshen your eyes and also a picture perfect spot for you to take photographs, especially when it’s the sunset time to shine.

It wouldn’t be a perfect visit to Ternate if you haven’t tried the unique culinary wonders. Spare some time to take a munch on Papeda, Ketam Kenari (Coconut Crab, Bagea and the other fish-based food such as Smoked Fish (Fufu), Gohu, Garu Rica and etc.

One day is not enough for you to explore and experience Ternate. Come and prepare yourself to fly to Ternate with Garuda Indonesia!


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