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If you missed to put your GarudaMiles number or present your GarudaMiles card/e-card during flight reservation and check-in, or feel that you have not earned your miles after the flight, you can submit Claim Miles with following conditions:

  1. Claim process can be submitted minimum 3 days for Garuda Indonesia flights, and minimum 14 days for SkyTeam flights. 
  2. Claim miles can be submitted via email to garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com and attach e-ticket (for Garuda Indonesia flights), or boarding pass and e-ticket (for Alliance Partner Flights (SkyTeam/Non SkyTeam))
  3. Claim process can be submitted for up to 6 months after the departure date
  4. Claim submission will be processed only if the name written on the ticket is the same as listed on GarudaMiles account.
  5. Claim process can only be submitted for flights that were flown after the passenger was listed as GarudaMiles member.


Put your GarudaMiles number or present your GarudaMiles card/e-card every time you make a flight reservation and check-in, to ensure that your miles are earned on time. Your E-Card and GarudaMiles information can be found on the Fly Garuda App.

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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