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GarudaMiles members who are registered and do Mileage Earning or Mileage Spending activity.

Mileage earning or spending in both in-flight or non-flight acitivity.

Duration GarudaMiles member activity begins from the date of January 1 to December 31 in the same year. Activity Period for EC Plus is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of the application for registration approval or the membership renewal date. Membership levels are determined by all the transactions during one period of activity.

The amount of mileage earned every time you fly on eligible flight and/or transact with GarudaMiles Partner. Calculation of Award Miles from the flight activity is Tier Miles plus Tier Bonus Miles and other miles. Award Miles can be exchanged with the Award Ticket or Upgrade Award or other Award. Since January 1st, 2011 Award Miles will be valid for 3 years from the transaction and will be expired thereafter. All unused Award Miles will be expired if GarudaMiles Blue member does not perform the activity during 1 activity period.

A free ticket that can be claimed by redeeming Award Miles, and which can be used by the respective GarudaMiles member or given to another person.

The amount of miles used as a basis for earning mileage calculation.

The change to an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award involving a change of the scheduled flight date and flight number. Change schedule is not applicable to a change of flight route, flight class or the name on the Award Ticket.

Flight cooperation between Garuda Indonesia and another airline in which one of the airline act as Operating Party and the other act as Marketing Party.

Flights qualified to earn miles and flight frequency including flight with GarudaMiles Airline Partner. It does not apply for flights on E, U, X, O, Z class, sponsorship tickets, employee tickets, airline and travel agent discount tickets, free tickets, award tickets, discount tickets, Citilink flights, Chartered flights, Hajj flights organized by Government, Code Share Flights where Garuda Indonesia is not the Operating Party and the Code Share Flight doesn't involve GarudaMiles Airline Partner, and / or other flights as may be determined later by Garuda Indonesia. V, H, S and G class are not qualified for earning miles (0 miles).

Mileage can be earned from a flight activity on eligible flights as well as from a non-flight transaction with GarudaMiles partners.

PT Perusahaan Penerbangan Garuda Indonesia, abbreviated as PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero)Tbk.

Airlines which cooperate with Garuda Indonesia in the scope of Frequent Flyer Program.

Unit for the accumulated of reward or appreciation to the GarudaMiles Member which earned from flight or non-flights transactions which is determined at the discretion of Garuda Indonesia.

GarudaMiles membership which consist of GarudaMiles Blue, GarudaMiles Silver, GarudaMiles Gold and GarudaMiles Platinum

GarudaMiles members who are deemed to be inactive. Membership of Inactive GarudaMiles Members will be rescinded if no activity is recorded for 36 consecutive months.

The e-ticket receipt issued by Garuda Indonesia to a passenger, containing the passenger name, flight information and terms of the ticket.

Party which responsible to sell airline ticket in a Code Share Flight cooperation.

The tier or level of a regular GarudaMiles membership (Blue, Silver, Gold or Platinum), given on the basis of Tier Miles earned or flight frequency made on eligible flights within the last membership year.

GarudaMiles membership period starts from the months of obtaining a level of membership until the end of February. Periods of membership varies between 12 to 23 months.

Mileage that is not recorded on the GarudaMiles membership

A ticket issued without a departure date and time and flight number. An Award Ticket or Upgrade Award cannot be issued with an open date status.

The party that operates the aircraft on a code share flight.

The route segment or sector that has been flown or will be flown from the departure point to the destination point.

The last page on the manual ticket issued by Garuda Indonesia and kept by the passenger, containing detailed information of the flight.

The process of re-depositing mileage into a member's account after redeeming for an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award.

The process of redeeming Award Miles for Garuda Indonesia Award Ticket or Upgrade Award.

A scheduled stop in a travel itinerary at some point between the point of departure and destination. A stop over occurs when a passenger stops at an airport for longer than 24 (twenty four) hours, or stops within the same day but goes out of the airport area.

A bonus mileage given on the basis of membership tier status according to the Mileage Calculation table. Tier Bonus mileage will be added to Tier Miles to become Award Miles.

Mileage earned on each eligible flight activity and used to determine GarudaMiles membership tier level. Tier Miles are accumulated from 1 January until 31 December of a given year. On 1 January of the following year, the Tier Miles balance is reset to zero.

A percentage of Basic Miles for the calculation of Tier Miles, which depends on the ticket fare or flight class according to the Mileage Calculation Table.

A facility that can be claimed by redeeming Award Miles for a flight class upgrade from an Economy class to an Executive class, which can be used by the respective GarudaMiles member or given to another person.

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