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Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience offers such a great experience to be a Pilot in full flight simulator of CRJ 1000 for 30 up to 120 minutes which present a real weather condition and full motion effects. This non-Pilot training program is specially provided for everyone that has either no aviation background or has aviation background (please refer to eligibility terms).

Special for GarudaMiles members, get attractive offer of Discount Voucher to enjoy Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience program just by redeeming your miles.


I. Redeem 200 Miles and Get Discount Voucher of Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience Worth IDR 200.000

Miles Redeemed GATX Discount Voucher Value
200 IDR 200.000
30 Minutes 60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Single   1,650,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 3,700,000
Group of 2 -
2,500,000 3,600,000 4,500,000
Group of 3 - 3,000,000 4,200,000  5,200,000
Price 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
After Deduction Voucher IDR 200 K
Single   1,450,000 1,800,000 2,800,000 3,500,000
Group of 2 -
2,300,000 3,400,000 4,300,000
Group of 3 - 2,800,000 4,000,000  5,000,000

Additional Benefits:

  • Digital Completion Award
  • Digital Photo Souvenirs
  • Snacks
  • Virtual briefing D-1 with senior technician
  • Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience Session with Senior and Certified Garuda Indonesia Pilot



  1. Program period : 01st April – 31st December 2021
  2. Periode Booking : 01st April – 31st December 2021
  3. Date of Session : 03rd April  – 31st December 2021
  4. Program Package:
  5. a. Joy Flight (30 Minutes)

    Basic level. 1 set of takeoff and landing with ambiance around Jakarta city. At certain altitude, participant will experience some maneuvers with or without autopilot features.

    Only available for Single player.

    b. Enjoy flight (60 Minutes)

    Beginner level. Sets of basic preflight, taxi, takeoff and landing with ambiance around Jakarta city. at certain altitude, participant will do some maneuvers with or without autopilot feature. At 2nd set, participant will try full manual flying experience.

    Available for Single, Group of 2, and Group of 3 players.

    c. Challenging flight (90 Minutes)

    Intermediate level. 3 takeoff and landing in different airports with challenging weather (snow, thunderstorm, etc.) Recommended for those who have experienced in flight simulators before

    Available for Single, Group of 2, and Group of 3 players.

    d. Thrilling flight (120 Minutes)

    Advance level. 4 takeoff and landing in different airports with thrilling weather condition. Recommended for those who have experienced in flight simulators before.

    Available for Single, Group of 2, and Group of 3 players.

  6. Voucher is applied for all package
  7. Voucher can’t be mixed with other promotion and special offers
  8. Voucher can’t be redeemed with other services
  9. Voucher can’t be converted to cash
  10. Voucher is not refundable
  11. Voucher valid until 31st December 2021
  12. Voucher is only applied for 1 transaction, even if customer decides to upgrade package in the future time
  13. Voucher can be transferable to other person
  14. Garuda Miles member takes full responsibility of voucher usage
  15. Voucher quota is subject to availability.
  16. It is allowed to redeem more than 1 voucher as long as member’s miles balance is sufficient
  17. For further information you are pleased to contact training@garuda-indonesia.com
  18. GarudaMiles and Garuda Indonesia Training Centre have rights to change any terms and conditions without prior notifications.
  19. GarudaMiles only acts as voucher distribution platform and is not responsible for service/product from merchants. GarudaMiles is not responsible for complaints and/ or claims relating to products and/or services offered by merchants



Redemption of Miles can be made via:

a. GA Mobile Apps

b. Email request/WA request with subject “Redemption Voucher Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience" to email garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com or WhatsApp number at +62 813 9845 4480 (for message only) on the following format :

  • Name:
  • GarudaMiles Number :
  • Date of Birth :
  • Phone / Mobile Phone :


  • email address or phone number for redemption request should be the ones which are registered in your GarudaMiles account.  
  • GarudaMiles Customer Services will redeem your miles based on above request
  • After redemption of miles for voucher is done, our GarudaMiles Customer Services will send notification email and e-voucher.
  • Redemption and notification process shall be done within 1x24 hours post inquiry from GarudaMiles member received at our system.  



  1. Booking should be made via this link  "GATX-Reservation"
  2. Garuda Indonesia Training Centre staffs will contact member shortly after member have confirmed the preferred schedule availability and he/she shall offer new alternatives if member’s preferred one is fully occupied.
  3. Booking should be made in advance, 48 hours prior to preferred schedule
  4. Rescheduling and Changing Name are allowable without fee if they are done before 48 hours prior to session schedule.
  5. Any reschedule request within 48 hours prior to session schedule will not be executed and payment is not refundable.
  6. Session is not transferable to other person within 48 hours prior to session schedule
  7. Cancelation of session is not refundable
  8. Downgrade of package is allowed but not refundable
  9. Upgrade of package is allowed with additional payment and should be done before confirmed session
  10. Participant’s dress code is smart casual
  11. Participants are not allowed to use any attributes of any Airlines during joining Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience session.
  12. Food, Beverages, and Cigarettes are not allowed during Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience session.
  13. Partner’s escort is not allowed to enter Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience building.
  14. Due to safety concern, this program is not allowed for those who are :
    • below 12 years old
    • expectant mother
    • have any previous heart attack, an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator, and any proven heart diseases
    • epilepsy patient and/or have epileptic seizures
    • Ever experienced vertigo and acrophobia
  15. Voucher from redemption request should be typed in this section :


V. Health Protocol During Covid 19 Pandemic related :

  1. Certificate of Antigen rapid test NEGATIVE result is required for all participant. Issued within a maximum period of 2 x 24 hours before confirmed schedule.
  2. Participants must fill self - assessment health declaration at "GITC-selfassessment"  1 day prior to GATX session
  3. Screenshot of answers at "GITC-selfassessment" shall be shown upon arrival at Garuda Indonesia Training Centre (GITC) reception desk.
  4. GITC’s securities will do health screening check (temperature measurement) for every guest upon arrivals at GITC gate.
  5. For those who can’t pass the health screening are not allowed to do Garuda Indonesia Simulator Experience session and will get his/her reschedule without penalty fee
  6. Participants should always use mask, do physical distancing, wash his/her hands and/or use hand sanitizers during his/her visit at GITC.


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