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Redeem Miles for Jewelry Shopping Voucher at Mondial, Frank & Co., Miss Mondial and The Palace

Redeem your miles to CMK Jewelry Shopping Voucher at CMK Jewelry Store (Mondial, Frank & Co., Miss Mondial and The Palace) with amount of miles redemption as details below:


Miles Voucher For minimum purchase at CMK store
10,000 IDR 500,000 IDR 5,000,000
20,000 IDR 1,000,000 IDR 10,000,000
30,000 IDR 1,500,000 IDR 15,000,000
50,000 IDR 2,500,000 IDR 25,000,000
100,000 IDR 5,000,000 IDR 50,000,000


Term and Condition:

  1. Program validity : 21 September 2020 – 31 December 2021
  2. Applied for all valid GarudaMiles member.
  3. Amount of shopping voucher requested are allowed more than one variant voucher based on miles amount redeemed.
  4. Miles redeemed are non-refundable.
  5. Shopping voucher can be exchanged at all offline CMK store according to minimum purchased stated above.
  6. Voucher received by GarudaMiles member is transferable and will be fully responsible by GarudaMiles member.
  7. Validity period of voucher is until 31 December 2021.
  8. Program can change at any time according to GarudaMiles policy



  1. GarudaMiles member sends request email with subject “Redeem Miles to CMK Shopping Voucher” to garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com with providing information below :
    • Name :
    • GarudaMiles Number :
    • Phone Number :
    • Miles amount to redeem :
    • Voucher amount (allowed more than one amount variant voucher) :

  2. Email used for email request must be the same email registered for GarudaMiles membership.
  3. Confirmation email from garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com with unique code of CMK voucher will be sent to GarudaMiles member at the same day with request email received.
  4. GarudaMiles member show CMK Shopping voucher number stated at confirmation email to all offline CMK store.
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