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This is a program to exchange Miles into Free Voucher for Rapid Antigen at RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang with the following details:

No Details Price For Public Miles Redeemed for Free Vouchers Result
1 Rapid Antigen IDR 225,000 1500 Miles SameDay

Note :

  • Redemption Miles value above is valid for miles redemption starting July 9, 2021 with the benefits stated above.
  • For GarudaMiles members who have made redemptions before July 9, 2021, the difference in the value of miles is non-refundable, but they still get the benefits of this latest price.

The fee includes:

  1. Interpretation of results by Doctor RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang
  2. PPE needs for the examiner's medical team
  3. Doctor in charge
  4. Administration

The above fees do not include:

  1. Transport costs & PPE officers per visit if examination is carried out on site / home care
  2. Further examination (photo thorax, isolation room, etc.)
  3. Follow-up consultation and follow-up on the results of the examination (consultation with general practitioners and Pulmonologist)
  4. Cost of the isolation room and other necessities during isolation will follow the rates at RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang



  1. Program validity period: 15th February -  31st December 2021
  2. Valid for all GarudaMiles members with valid membership period.
  3. It is allowed to redeem more than one type of voucher value as long as the number of miles owned by GarudaMiles members is sufficient.
  4. Miles that have been redeemed for vouchers cannot be refunded.
  5. Vouchers cannot be combined with other promos and cannot be cashed
  6. Free voucher can be used at RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang
  7. Vouchers that have been received by GarudaMiles members can be transferred to companion and it will be under full responsibility of GarudaMiles members.
  8. Voucher validity period is 1 month after member redemption
  9. All medical practices, results and all technicalities will be the full responsibility of RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang
  10. Program details can change at any time according to GarudaMiles policy without prior notice.



  1. GarudaMiles members make Rapid Antigen Voucher Redemption through the following 5 channels:
    1. Main Channel: Via Mobile Apps Garuda Indonesia
    2. Via WA CS GarudaMiles at number +62 813 9845 4480 (specifically for receiving messages) with the subject "Redemption Healthy Lifestyle RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang"
    3. Via email by sending an email to garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com with the email subject "Redemption Healthy Lifestyle RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang" & provide below information:
      • Name
      • GarudaMiles number
      • Date of Birth
      • Contactabel telephone number
      • Rapid Antigen & number of vouchers want to redeemed
        Note:The email address or telephone number of the GarudaMiles member when making a mileage redemption request must be the same as the email / phone number registered in the GarudaMiles database.
    4. Sales Office (Garuda Indonesia Sales Office)
    5. Garuda Indonesia Contact Center at (+6221) 2351 9999/0804 1 807 807

  2. After getting the Voucher Code Participants make a reservation via telp or visit RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang at least H-1 at RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang before the Check
  3. When registering, participants must attach (E-card / physical card for GarudaMiles member, GarudaMiles e-Voucher & Fill in the Statement Letter from RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang)
  4. RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang staff will validate the GarudaMiles e-voucher through the GarudaMiles portal partner system. After the e-voucher is proven valid, transaction can be continued.
  5. Soft copy results will be sent H+1  to participant's email.
  6. All Services, facilities and result test that are used are the full responsibility of RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang


RSIA Mutiara Bunda Padang:

Address       :  Jl. S.Parman No.142, Padang

Email           :  Promkes.mutiarabunda@gmail.com

Pic Number :  081268175570 


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