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GarudaMiles members can add more miles to the mileage by flying with either Korean Air or Code Share Garuda-Korean Air. Members of GarudaMiles can also get free flight with Korean Air in exchange of the mileage, only by paying for airport tax, service fee and insurance.

For you information, Korean Air serves more than 130 routes, both domestic and international. It is a definite advantage for GarudaMiles members to get or exchange their mileage for every Korean Air route.

This cooperation is also advantageous for SkyPass (Korean Air). SkyPass can also get mileage by flying with Garuda, not to mention to exchange the mileage on every Garuda flight.

No. Distance (miles) Redemption on Partner Economy Award Redemption on Partner Business Award
1 1-1000 (Group A) 15.000 25.000
2 1001-1500 (Group B) 17.500 30.000
3 1501-2000 (Group C) 22.500 37.500
4 2001-2500 (Group D) 27.500 77.500
5 2501-3000 (Group E) 32.500 57.500
6 3001-4000 (Group F) 37.500 67.500
7 4001-6000 (Group G) 42.500 75.000
8 6001-8000 (Group H) 52.500 95.000
9 8001-10000 (Group I) 57.500 100.000
10 10001-12000 (Group J) 62.500 110.000
11 12001-14000 (Group K) 67.500 115.000
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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