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Bonus Miles for Every Premium Payment of CIGNA FAMILY CARE OPTIMA INSURANCE

Enjoy bonus up to 29.500 Miles for every premium payment for Cigna Family Care Optima, insurance health protection for up to 5 family members especially for you, Garuda Indonesia loyal customers.

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  1. Cigna will process or use your personal information in accordance with the Cigna Privacy Policy
  2. Eligible for GarudaMiles Members who purchase Cigna Family Care Optima insurance products through Garuda Indonesia communication media during the promo period.
  3. Inform your GarudaMiles number on the product purchase form here
  4. Make sure you are registered as a Garuda Indonesia Member and have a GarudaMiles number. If you are not yet registered, please register here
  5. GarudaMiles members who can join this program are aged 21 - 60 years old
  6. Cigna will contact GarudaMiles members to verify member data and process the purchases of Cigna Family Care Optima insurance products
  7. Bonus miles will be given to the customer on maximum of 14 working days after the customer has paid the insurance premium
  8. Bonus miles will be given to customers as long as the insurance policy is active and follows the payment method chosen by the customer. For example: a customer pays a premium on a monthly basis, then bonus miles will continue to be given to customer every month after the customer makes a monthly premium payment.
  9. Bonus miles earned from each premium payment of Cigna Family Care Optima insurance can be redeemed into award tickets, flight class upgrades and various other miles redemption options in accordance with the applicable GarudaMiles Terms and Conditions.
  10. This offer is valid until October 1, 2021.
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