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Convert Your NinjaRewards to GarudaMiles

Garuda Indonesia loyal customers, you can now collect GarudaMiles by redeeming every 5 Ninja Rewards through the EBER application from Ninja Xpress. Keep increasing your transactions with Ninja Xpress and convert your Ninja Rewards into GarudaMiles to enjoy the privilege of exchanging miles into flight tickets and various selected merchant vouchers.



  1. 5 (Five) Ninja Rewards points can be exchanged into one (1) GarudaMiles.
  2. Exchange of Ninja Rewards points into GarudaMiles can only be done by Ninja Academy members who are also registered as GarudaMiles members.
  3. Exchange of Ninja Rewards points into GarudaMiles can be done through EBER, the Ninja Xpress application on the rewards page and by selecting GarudaMiles.
  4. GarudaMiles rewards that have been claimed will be appeared in the processed orders tab, then Ninja Academy members will receive an email notification of Ninja gift exchange. GarudaMiles Miles will be sent within 1x24 hours.
  5. If within 1x24 hours GarudaMiles miles have not been received, please contact Ninja admin +62 878 7758 8346.
  6. This program is valid until 25 April 2022


Flow of Ninja Rewards Redemption to GarudaMiles :

1. Go to rewards page, and choose GarudaMiles

2. Choose the amount of miles

3. Click redeem to claim the rewards

4. Claimed rewards will appear on processed order tab

5. After the reward has been successfully claimed, it will appear on the completed order tab

6. Reward redemption email will be sent to registered email, and GarudaMiles will be received within 24 Hours

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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