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GarudaMiles Accrual in Sriwijaya Group

GarudaMiles Accrual in Sriwijaya Air or NAM Air flight

Now you can get mileage through Sriwijaya and NAM Air flights. This is part of GarudaMiles integration in Garuda Indonesia Group and completes the existing program below :

  1. GarudaMiles Accrual in Aerowisata hotel program (click here for more info)
  2. GarudaMiles Accrual in Citilink flights program (click here for more info)
  3. GarudaMiles Redemption in Citilink flights program (click here for more info)

Please make sure to mention your GarudaMiles number in every reservation and check-in at the airport. This to ensure your mileage is recorded in your Sriwijaya Group flights.

Below is the accrual mileage table in Sriwijaya or NAM Air flights:

Compartment Flight Class Accrual Mileage Percentage
Premium Economy C 150%
D 110%
I 100%
Economy Y, S, W 75%
H, K, L 65%
M, Q, V 50%
E, X 30%

Below are the terms and condition for GarudaMiles member in Sriwijaya Air or NAM Air flights:

  • Accrual mileage table is calculated based on Ticketed Point Mileage which is the distance between routes that flighted
  • Mileage accrued in Sriwijaya flights will be counted as tier miles
  • For Gold and Platinum member will get the tier bonus 25% by the applicable GarudaMiles terms and condition
  • For Junior member will get 75% from mileage accrued by GarudaMiles Blue member. This is also by GarudaMiles terms and condition
  • Eligible for Sriwijaya or NAM Air flights also codeshare flights between Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Group
  • For codeshare flights, the accrual calculation will be based on an operating principle where GarudaMiles member will get mileage based on an operating party of codeshare
  • For fly-in Sriwijaya Group, there is a frequency that also will be accrued as follows :
    • Two frequency for flying in C, D and I class
    • One frequency for flying in Y, S, W, H, K, L, M, Q and V class
  • To get mileage, GarudaMiles member can input he/she GarudaMiles number when making a reservation in Sriwijaya Group website or show GarudaMiles card when making check-in in the airport
  • Retro claim for mileage not credited can be done for maximum six months after a flight by GarudaMiles terms and condition
  • Retro claim request can be done to send ticket and boarding pass document to cs.miles@sriwijayaair.co.id
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