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Garuda Indonesia Citi Card

Enjoy special privileges with Garuda Indonesia Citi Card just for you, whether you are a business traveler, frequent leisure flyer, or just a vacation traveler. Receive You do not have to worry about excess baggage on the go, with Garuda Indonesia Citi Credit Card, you will get extra 20kg baggage and get other benefits

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Garuda Indonesia Citi Card is issued by Citibank N.A., Indonesia which affiliates with Garuda Indonesia.

Citibank is service mark of Citigroup Inc. or Citibank, N.A used and registered throughout the world. Citibank N.A., Indonesia is a bank that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Benefit of Garuda Indonesia Citibank Card Membership

  • 20 kg extra baggage.*
  • 3X miles for every ticket purchase at Garuda Indonesia.**
  • 2X miles for any other transactions.**
  • Bonus 2,500 miles added automatically after accumulating the first 250 miles through Garuda Indonesia Citi Card.
  • Special priority for GarudaMiles member on ticket reservation waiting list.
  • Priority Boarding only valid for GICC holders with Platinum tier
  • Discount 10% redemption ticket (only eligible at sales office)
  • Auto upgrade to GarudaMiles Platinum membership if you meet the requirements and qualifications of the Regular GarudaMiles Platinum membership tier 

* Only valid for the same reservation name as the cardholder’s name 

** For every transaction of IDR 20,000 then 3x miles valid for transactions at Garuda Indonesia ticketing office done using Citibank EDC and Garuda Indonesia official website. 3x miles is not applicable for transactions done through travel agent. Transaction to be taken into account to obtain Mileage reward is a retail transaction that is not converted into installment.

*** Every prospective Cardholder who completes all the information in the submission on this web page will get bonus submission 250 GarudaMiles

Application can be made through  www.citibank.co.id/apply-gicc, or at the nearest Citibank branch office or booth, or by contacting CitiPhone Banking on 69999 or (021) 252-9999.

  • Between 21-65 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of IDR 143,000,000.-
  • Complete the application form and attach the documents mentioned below or other required documents:

Terms and conditions can be viewed on the GICC Application Form or at Citibank website www.citibank.co.id/kartukredit.

No. However, you may enjoy your time at Citibank Merchant, below is the list:

Merchant Location Merchant Name
Jakarta T3 Domestic Liberica, Hongtang, Warung Koffie Batavia, Papabunz
Surabaya Domestic Burger King
Bali Domestic Three Coffee
Jakarta T2 International Old Town White Coffee

Currently GarudaMiles Members are not allowed to own both co-brand cards. You will have to choose either one.

Detailed information on promo of Citi Credit Card can be found in www.citibank.co.id/promo.

Account closing follows Citibank's terms and conditions. Contact 24 Hour CitiPhone Banking at 69999 or (021) 252 9999 or click www.citibank.co.id/syaratketentuan for complete information.

The GarudaMiles that you have accumulated and are still valid in your GarudaMiles account will be transferred to the new GarudaMiles account number on your Garuda Indonesia Citi Card.

Interest rate for purchase & cash withdrawal: 1.75% per month / 21% per year

  • In the event of late payment on your credit card, you will be charged
  • In the event of delay or failure on the billing payment, would impact to the cardholder's credit status in the Credit Bureau Checking / Sistem Informasi Debitur (SID)

Following is the illustration for Miles calculation if you spend IDR7,500,000 per month for a whole year using your new Garuda Indonesia Citi Card

Spending per Month : IDR7,500,000
Spending per Year : IDR90,000,000
Mileages earned : 9,000

New Garuda Indonesia Citi Cardholders will also get 2,500 Miles bonus after accumulating their first 250 Miles . With this additional bonus, you will get a total of 11,500 Miles which can be redeemed with a free Garuda Indonesia Award Ticket for Jakarta - Singapore flight route after the first year of membership.

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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