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BNI Garuda Debit Card

The Bank Card that Stores Miles in Your Wallet
Introducing a new world of advantages with the BNI Garuda Debit Card. Earn mileage with every transaction that you make, and earn 1,000 complimentary miles when you apply today. Contact BNI Call Center in 1500046 or (021)1500046 from your cellphone.

BNI Garuda Debit Card Privileges:

  • 1.000 Miles Welcome Bonus
  • 500 Open Account Bonus Miles
  • 10% Discount for Award Ticket redemption
  • 5% Discount for Garuda Indonesia ticket purchase
  • Fast Track GarudaMiles Platinum
  • Special Check-in line based on your GarudaMiles tier
  • Earn 1 miles for every Rp 50,000 transaction via POS & EDC in all BNI store and merchants
  • Earn 1 miles for every Rp 50,000 using Debit Online or Virtual Card umber (VCN) in Garuda Indonesia website
  • Earn 1 miles for every transaction via e-Channel like BNI ATM, SMS Banking and Internet Banking for Garuda Indonesia ticket payment
  • Cashback Rp 500,000 for 20 Top Spender each month
  • GarudaMiles privileges appropriate with your GarudaMiles tier

Terms and Condition:

  • Welcome Bonus only be given for new GarudaMiles member who enroll in BNI where open BNI Garuda account
  • Discount for Award Ticket redemption and Garuda Indonesia ticket purchase is eligible for time and flight routes set by Garuda Indonesia
  • Fast Track Platinum terms and condition refer to terms and condition set by BNI
  • Mileage from transaction will be given with maksimum mileage that can be accrued are 25.000 miles each month
  • Mileage from each RP 50.000 transaction or multiply will be given if Your average balance account when transaction made is Rp 5.000.000 for minimum. From February until August 2016, there is no minimum average balance account
  • Cashback will be given for 20 Top Spender each month with minimum transaction Rp 3.000.000
  • Other GarudaMiles terms and condition applied


Visit BNI branch office and open account BNI Taplus. Member of Garuda Indonesia Citibank/GICC or EC+ cannot apply for BNI Garuda Debit Card. Existing regular member GarudaMiles, member Garuda BNI Credit Card, or Mandiri Garuda Debit Card can apply BNI Garuda Debit Card.

Status member for new enrollment is GarudaMiles Blue.

You can request to replace Your BNI old card to BNI Garuda Debit Card. You have to bring official saving book, original ID card, and old BNI Debit card. After that, deposit Rp 500,000,- and fill application form. You will get charge Rp 25,000,- for first card.

As BNI Garuda Debit Cardholder, You can earn miles with several transaction as follow :

  • Bonus 500 Miles for new open account by certain term and condition
  • Reward transaction via EDC/POS & e-Commerce using BNI Debit Online/Virtual Card Number. Every transact Rp 50,000 (multiply applied) will get 1 mileage. Reward will be given for average balance account Rp 5,000,000.
  • Reward transaction via e-Channel BNI: ATM BNI, SMS Banking, i-Banking & M-Banking. Every transaction ticket Garuda Indonesia via e-Channel amount 1 miles per transaction.
  • Welcome bonus 1.000 miles for new member GarudaMiles who enrolled via CS BNI branch office.

Miles will be credited to GarudaMiles Account maximum 1 week since transaction. For transaction out of this term will follow regular transaction conversion.

If You open BNI Taplus and BNI Garuda Debit Card account, you will be enrolled as GarudaMiles member.

NO. You have to close your GICC or EC+ membership before apply for BNI Garuda Debit Card.

Fast Track is priviledge to upgrade your tier membership to GarudaMiles Platinum.

This benefit only for member who has Aset Under Management (AUM) minimum IDR 20 Billion. This program valid only for February-August 2016.

You will get 1 debit card. GarudaMiles Blue and Silver membership card only available in digital version that can be found in Garuda Indonesia mobile apps (android and ios). While GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum will be printed and sent to your address. If you still have valid GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum membership card, you will not receive new card. GarudaMiles tier status can be seen with logon to this site.

To check your mileage, please login in this site or via Garuda Indonesia Mobile App. You can also use redemption calculator to find out which routes that can be redeemed with miles that you have.

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