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Langgur, Indonesia
Karel Sadsuitubun Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah

    Far in the southeastern part of Indonesia, exists an untouched beauty that dazzles anyone who wishes to visit, that is The Kei Islands. The locals called this astonishing archipelago with the name of Nuhu Evav (The Evav Islands) or Tanat Evav (The State of Evav), but still the name that has roared itself to the residents of other nations is under the title of Kei or Kai. “Kai” was originally from the nickname given during the colonial period of Dutch East Indies.

    The Kei Islands consist of:

    • Big Kei or Nuhu Yuut or Nusteen
    • Small Kei or Nuhu Roa or Nusyanat
    • Tanimbar Kei or Tnebar Evav
    • Kei Dulah or Du
    • Dulah Laut or Du Roa
    • Kuur
    • Taam
    • Tayandu or Tahayad

    The little islands are famous for their irresistible beauty and uniqueness. All the visitors are highly recommended to visit the beautiful Kei Islands on April, May or June for the ocean usually becomes a lot calmer than most of the times.

    Ngurbloat Beach
    Visiting the Kei Islands won’t be legit without getting splashed by their beachwaters. Located in the Ngilngof Village, there exists the Pasir Panjang Beach (Ngurbloat), a beach with the length of 3 km. The grains of sand in your hands are as soft as the flour, surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear azure seas. Only 20 minutes away from the central of Langgur City, you can enjoy your leisure time until the sun goes down.

    Ohoidertavun Beach
    Also located just 20 minutes ride away from the central of Langgur City, this beautiful beach is also famous for its indescribable beauty. When the tide is low, you can explore and enjoy every little part of this beach as at that time the shoreline gets wider.

    Blair Island
    Two bays and aesthetically pleasing green ocean, Blair Island has it all.  If you want to visit this beautiful green paradise, all you have to do is to cross from the Labetawi Village by using boat in only 30 minutes ride.

    Ngurtavur Beach
    Uniquely covered by white sand, this beach only serves you the white sand pleasure from the edge of the Warbal island to the sea for two kilometers with a width of approximately seven meters. It will make you look like you’re standing in between two beaches!

    Gawang Cave
    Located precisely in the Village of Letvuan, Southeast Maluku, there exists The Hawang Cave or mostly called as the Water Cave that is famously known as the tourist attraction in the Island of Small Kei. Located just 15km away from the Langgur City. As one of the natural tourist attractions, this cave that serves the hidden beauty is also surrounded by majestic forest. You can see a deep freshwater pool and it gets even more mesmerizing as the sunlight reflects itself on the surface of the water, and since the water is crystal clear, the bottom of the pool is much more than just visible to the sight.

    Masbait Hill
    The Small Kei Island has the tallest hill to ever exist that is called The Masbait Hill, and also the perfect choice to have both, a religious tour and an adventure with scenic view from the height of this Masbait Hill that allows you to see the wide and beautiful Small Kei Island. Only a 10 minutes ride with public transportation from the central of Langgur City. Also standing as the place of pilgrimage for the Catholics. Masbait Hill has a statue of Christ The King who stands on a globe which signifies that Jesus Christ will protect and bless all the people that live in this Islands.

    Hoko Waterfall
    Sure, there are beautiful natural tourist attractions in the Small Kei Island, but Big Kei Island offers a lot of more beautiful tourist destinations. Famous for its mountainous terrain, Big Kei is only a 2 hours away from the Small Kei Island by fast boat. There are plenty of attractive tourist destinations but dear, Hoko Waterfall has top it all. Hoko Waterfall precisely located in Hoko Village, Kei Besar District. With clear and fresh water flowing down through the giant convex body towards the natural pond below, Hoko Waterfall has become one of the charming points of this Islands. The pool in the Hoko Waterfall has clear and calm water that showcases a mixture of the color sky blue and turquoise greens. In this pool, most tourists usually swim to enjoy the beauty of the Hoko Waterfall. As an addition, you can also glide from the giant rock to the pond below. Needless to say how beautiful Hoko is, make sure to put this wonderful waterfall in your must-visit list when you are on vacation to the Big Kei.


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