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Route Flight Number Departure* Arrival* Schedule
Jakarta - Jeddah GA9808 10.35 19.20 28 July 2021
Jeddah - Jakarta GA9818 20.50 12.15

*local time


  1. The flight schedule of Jakarta-Jeddah and Jeddah-Jakarta will be on 28 July 2021.
  2. The passenger who flights to Jeddah is required to quarantine for 7 days upon arrival in Arab Saudi with the following terms and conditions:
    1. In-house Quarantine

      Applied for:

      • Residence of Saudi Arabia.
      • Diplomat using their diplomatic visa.
      • Health workers who have a license to practice in Saudi Arabia.
      • Non-Saudi citizen workers who directly accompany their superiors (personal sponsors) Saudi Arabian citizens.
      • Husband/wife of Non-Saudi Citizens on the same flight as husband/wife of Saudi Citizens.
      • Mother and/or child of husband/wife of non-Saudi citizen on the same flight as husband/wife of a citizen of Saudi Arabia.
    2. Institutional Quarantine
      • Quarantine procedures applied for all passengers other than the categories in point 2.A
      • Holding quarantine package at the quarantine institution/facility recommended by Garuda Indonesia. Click here for the option of the institutional quarantine.
      • Holding a negative PCR result from the official Garuda Indonesia referral hospital/laboratory. PCR document format in English, 72 hours before departure (valid for passengers aged 8 years and over).
  3. Passengers on flights to Saudi Arabia must have valid travel documents, install the Tawakkalna application and negative PCR results from the official Garuda Indonesia referral hospital/laboratory click here. PCR document format in English and valid 72 hours before departure (PCR obligation applies to passengers aged 8 years and over).
  4. Passengers on flights to Jakarta must have valid travel documents, negative PCR results with 7 days validity, and undergo quarantine according to Indonesian government regulations.
  5. Baggage allowance for economy class is 30 kg and Business class is 40 Kg.

We encouraged you to apply health protocols while traveling by wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance of at least 1 meter from other people, and diligently washing hands with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer.

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