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Jakarta, Indonesia
6.1275° S, 106.6537° E
Soekarno Hatta Internasional Airport
GMT +7:00
Indonesian Rupiah
Tropical and Humid
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Kota Tua / Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta’s Old Town, or more familiarly known as ‘Kota Tua’ is a whole neighborhood that comprises of the original downtown area of Jakarta.

Many consider it a must-see when visiting Jakarta. Why? Because by visiting this area alone, visitors can see the historic and cultural foundations that make Jakarta the city that it is today.

Insider tip: spend your whole day and rent a bike to really explore the area in all its glory!

  1. Museum Fatahillah / Jakarta’s History Museum
    Located in the Old Town of Jakarta, the museum that is also known as the Fatahillah Museum was built in the 1700s as the city hall for what was then called Batavia. The museum itself began opened for public in 1974, and it is a must-visit place if you’d like to know a detailed history of the 477-year-old city. Fun fact: the spacious square in front of the museum is a popular pre-wed photo spot!

  2. Bank Mandiri Museum
    Managed by state-owned Bank Mandiri, the museum that was built in 1929 is located within the Kota Tua area. The building was an office for Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij NV, and inside visitors get to see various bank activities from the old days. The museum gives visitors a chance to experience 1929, as the building’s interior, furniture and ornaments have been preserved to remain exactly like how it used to when it was built. Prepare ample time when visiting this museum, as it takes around 1.5 hours to cover the whole museum which opens from 9AM to 4PM.

  3. Bank Indonesia Museum
    Museum Bank Indonesia is a museum that was built by the Indonesian Central Bank. Opened for public since July 21st, 2009, the museum boasts a collection of historical references on the beginnings of Indonesian trade to the Asian financial crisis of 1998. The museum also houses a special gallery that displays banknotes from nearly every country in the world. The museum entrance is free of charge, and the museum closes on Mondays and public holidays.

  4. Antique Bike Ride
    One of the exciting things that visitors can do in Kota Tua or Jakarta’s Old Town is riding the antique bicycles that are available for rent at the courtyard of Museum Fatahillah. Rent charges go around Rp 20,000 for 30 minutes, which should be enough to go and explore the Old Town like how it used be during the colonial times!
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