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Jakarta, Indonesia
6.1275° S, 106.6537° E
Soekarno Hatta Internasional Airport
GMT +7:00
Indonesian Rupiah
Tropical and Humid
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Chinatown of Glodok

A part of Jakarta’s Old Town, the area is also known to many as Pecinan or the Chinatown of Jakarta since the Dutch colonial era, as well as the largest Chinatown in Indonesia. Nowadays, the area is popular with its electronics shops and peranakan culinary treats with daily local visitors coming from all corners of Jakarta.

  1. Electronic Shopping
    Jakarta’s Chinatown in the Glodok area is known as the place to be if you’re looking to buy electronic supplies and gadgets. The stores offer a wide array of electronic supplies with varying qualities and prices that are moderately cheaper than any most places in Jakarta.

  2. Temple Visit
    The Pagoda that is located at the Petak Sembilan area in Jakarta’s Chinatown in Glodok is one of the most famous pagodas in Indonesia, definitely worth a visit when in Jakarta. Even if you are not familiar with the Chinese traditions, this place is a must-visit especially during the Chinese New Year celebrations! Visitors can also have a Chinese culinary feast when visiting the area. Sounds like a fun Sunday!
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