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Hong Kong International Airport Re-opens, Garuda Indonesia's Flight To And From Hong Kong Are Scheduled To Operate As Normal

Cengkareng, 13 Agustus 2019 - Following recent information that Hong Kong International Airport has been re-opened following the operational disruption. Garuda Indonesia ensures that the flight schedule to and from Hong Kong are scheduled to operate as normal.

Furthermore, Garuda Indonesia is in intensive coordination with Hong Kong International Airport authorities to assure the operational services to and from Hong Kong are running smoothly.

Garuda Indonesia’s Vice President Corporate Secretary, M. Ikhsan Rosan explained that, “Since Hong Kong International Airport has been re-opened today, therefore Garuda Indonesia’s flight schedule from Hong Kong are scheduled to operate as normal. We also advised for passengers to frequently check their flight schedule according to the latest information of Hong Kong International Airport”.

“We advised passengers to check their flight schedule through information services from from Hong Kong International Airport’s website, Garuda Indonesia’s official announcement for flight schedule, or information services from Garuda Indonesia’s 24 hours Contact Center”, said Ikhsan.

“We are currently in full correspondence with the local airport authorities to make sure its readiness and smoothness towards flight operations in Hong Kong International Airport, specifically to make sure that passengers safety and convenience are well maintained”.

Garuda Indonesia encourages the passengers to arrive early at the airport and optimizing online check-in feature in order to prevent the case that might happen within Hong Kong International Airport.

Moreover, Garuda Indonesia serves flights Hong Kong routes in total 21 flights per week which consist of Hong Kong - Denpasar round trip 7 times per week and Hong Kong - Jakarta round trip 14 times per week with the flight schedule as below:

1.   Hong Kong – Jakarta (2 times per day):

  • GA 873 Depart from Hong Kong at 10.00 LT and arrive at Jakarta at 14.00 LT
  • GA 863 Depart from Hong Kong at 17.10 LT and arrive at Jakarta at 21.20 LT
  • GA 860 Depart from Jakarta at 10.10 LT and arrive at Hong Kong at 16.10 LT
  • GA 876 Depart from Jakarta at 23.40 LT and arrive at Hong Kong at 05.45 LT

2.  Hong Kong – Denpasar (1 time per day):

  • GA 857 Depart from Hong Kong at 15.45 and arrive at Denpasar at 20.45 LT
  • GA 856 Depart from Denpasar at 09.40 and arrive at Hong Kong at 14.45 LT

For more information about passenger services, please visit Garuda Indonesia’s official website www.garuda-indonesia.com or contact Garuda Indonesia’s Call Center (24 hours) at +6221-2351-9999 or 0804 1 807 807. Passengers may also access latest update of Garuda Indonesia’s flight information by following Garuda Indonesia’s official Twitter at @IndonesiaGaruda and @GarudaCares.



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