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Last updated on March 27, 06.45 PM (Jakarta time GMT +7)
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Thank you very much for your continued and loyal support of Garuda Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia has taken a number of anticipatory steps and issued related policies in response to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to maintain a safe, secure environment for its customers, flight/cabin crew and other employees.

Ensure Government Policy In The Destination Country Before Traveling

Before traveling, especially to areas affected by the spread of Covid-19, make sure you have understood the traveling rules and policies of each Government as well as knowing the contact point for emergencies relating to the Covid-19 case for further guidance or handling.

For further information about travel document requirement you may visit IATA Travel Center here.


Garuda Indonesia has adopted a flexible policy regarding rescheduling and reroute mechanisms for all flight services domestic and international routes (except Middle East&Africa).

  • Valid for ticket issued on/before 15 March 2020 with  travel dates from 24 January 2020 - 31 May 2020

Further provisions:

  • You can choose between rescheduling or rerouting your flight for 1 time only without any rebooking fee
  • Reschedule without any additional charge applies only to the same route and same cabin of flight (regardless the fare class) to dates outside black-out period until March 31, 2021
    If the new travel dates fall on black-out period, fare differences and taxes apply
  • Reroute without any additional charge applies to a flight of equal or lesser value
  • If you haven’t decide your new itinerary, you may extend your ticket validity until March 31, 2021
    An extended ticket is allowed be changed 1 time (by rescheduling/rerouting) with the new travel period until March 31, 2021
  • Refunds is possible via voucher
    Voucher is valid until March 31, 2021. The voucher can be utilized for Garuda Indonesia flight or other Garuda Indonesia products
  • For code-share flights with other airline, rescheduling must be to the same fare-class. For a different fare-class, there will be additional charge

Reschedule, reroute and refund can be done through Garuda Indonesia 24-hour Live Chat, Call Center service (+6221 2351 9999 and 0804 1 807  807).

Currently, we are experiencing high volumes of enquiries and trying to work through reservations with the most urgent travel dates first. We encourage with departure dates within the next 48 hours to contact us through our 24-hour live chat and call center. While reservations that fall beyond this time frame, please consider to contact us through E-Mail (customer@garuda-indonesia.com).

Garuda Indonesia advises passengers to frequently check flight schedules on the official Garuda Indonesia information channel such as call centers and social media, especially for destinations that are impacted to the spread of Covid-19. This is to anticipate changes in flight frequency due to operational reasons.

Temporarily Closed All China Mainland Flights

Garuda Indonesia has temporarily closed all flight routes to and from China as the coronavirus epidemic escalates and following the global emergency status issued by the World Health Organization or WHO. The temporary closure will take effect starting, February 5th until further notice. This policy is a follow-up of Garuda's commitment and full support for the government's efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in Indonesia. The suspension routes include flights from and to five cities of China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Xi'an.

  • Denpasar – Beijing
  • Denpasar – Guangzhou
  • Denpasar – Shanghai
  • Denpasar – Xi’an
  • Denpasar – Zhengzhou
  • Jakarta – Guangzhou
  • Jakarta – Shanghai

Flights to Australia & Netherlands Still Operating

Garuda Indonesia ensures that flight services to and from Australia & the Netherlands will continue to operate following restrictions on the movement of foreigners to a number of countries related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a part of Garuda Indonesia's support to facilitate the movement of Indonesian citizens who will return to Indonesia from both countries, as well as Dutch and Australian citizens who will return to their respective countries from Indonesia. There may be a frequency adjustments for this routes. Currently Garuda Indonesia serves below routes to the Netherlands & Australia:

  • Jakarta - Amsterdam
  • Jakarta - Sydney
  • Jakarta - Melbourne
  • Jakarta - Perth
  • Denpasar - Sydney
  • Denpasar - Melbourne
  • Denpasar - Perth

Travel Restriction from China Mainland

The Indonesian authorities have taken the following steps to further limit the risk of community spread in Indonesia.

  • Visa exemption and visa on arrival are temporarily stopped for foreigners who are have lived and/or visited China within 14 (fourteen) days before entering the Indonesian territory.
  • Visitor visas or temporary stay visas can be granted to any foreigners who apply for the visa at Indonesian missions in China. With requirements for the visa application are:
    1. Not-contracted coronavirus medical statement issued by the local government’s health authority (in English)
    2. The applicants must have stayed for 14 (fourteen) days in areas in China which not affected by coronavirus outbreak
    3. Statement of willingness to:
      • Enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days in facilities provided by the Indonesian government
      • Stop/transit for 14 (fourteen) days in other countries which not affected by coronavirus before entering the Indonesian territory
  • Requirements for citizens of the People's Republic of China who apply for a visitor visa or temporary stay visa at Indonesian missions in countries which not affected by the coronavirus outbreak are:
    1. Not-contracted coronavirus medical statement issued by the local government’s health authority (in English)
    2. The applicants must have stayed for 14 (fourteen) days in areas in China which not affected by coronavirus outbreak
    3. Statement of willingness to:
      • Enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days in facilities provided by the Indonesian government
      • Stop/transit for 14 (fourteen) days in other countries which not affected by coronavirus before entering the Indonesian territory
  • The applicant who failed to meet the requirements above, the application will be rejected

More information can be found here:

Travel Restrictions from South Korea to Indonesia

  1. All travelers from South Korea (including foreigners) except Indonesian citizens must present a health certificate at the check-in counter upon departure in Incheon Airport.
    • The health certificate is the most recent English certificate issued by a private clinic or hospital in South Korea. It should contain no fever, cough, respiratory symptoms and stated “fit to travel”. There is no need for a separate notarization or consular confirmation.
      However, some health certificate (without seal or official approval) that only contain the doctor’s signature, may face problems in the immigration process due to the authenticity of the health certificate. Therefore, the health certificate must contain doctor’s name, doctor’s signature, and doctor’s license number with doctor’s seal or the hospital’s official seal. Also it has to be written with contactable hospital number and address for the authenticity of health certificate.
    • Your health certificate will be checked again during the Indonesian entry process in Indonesia, so please carry it with you.
    • The health certificate must be issued within maximum 7 days before departure.
    • For South Korean citizens that is not departing from South Korea to visit Indonesia, please also make sure to prepare health certificate (issued within 7 days of before departure) regardless of whether you are staying outside of South Korea for 14 days prior.
    • This applies to KITAS and KITAP holders.
  2. All travelers from South Korea must fill out and submit a Health Alert Card upon arrival in Indonesia.
    • Health Alert Card will be distributed on board and submitted during the immigration process in Indonesia.
  3. South Korean and foreigners visiting the Daegu/Gyeongbuk area is possible to enter Indonesia after a minimum of 14 days of stay outside of the Daegu/Gyeongbuk area.

*The above measures has been effective since March 3rd 2020 at 00:00 (Jakarta time)
*If you do not bring your health certificate, you may not be able to check-in to your flight to Indonesia at Incheon airport.

Please visit below site for more details.

Travel Restriction for Other Countries

  • The Government continues to follow cl​osely WHO situation report on the spread of Coronavirus. Given the increasing number of countries affected by COVID-19, the Government advises all Indonesian citizens to restrict non-essential outbound travels.
  • The Indonesian government has suspended its visa exemption policy for short-stay visit, visa-on-arrival and diplomatic/service visa-free facilities for all countries, for a  period of 1 month.
  • All foreigners/travelers who wish to visit Indonesia must obtain a visa from Indonesian missions in accordance with the purpose of their visit. Upon submission, applicants must provide health certificate issued by relevant health authorities from their respective countries.
  • The health certificate must be valid and shown to the airlines staff during check-in. The traveler is prohibited to enter or transit Indonesia if he/she could not show his/her health certificate from health authority.
  • All visitors/travelers must complete and submit a Health Alert Card to the Port Health Authority upon arrival at Indonesian airports.
  • Prohibition to enter and visit Indonesia, for the traveler whom in the last 14 days have visited these areas:
    a. Iran e. France
    b. Italy f. Germany
    c. Vatican (Holy See)
    g. Switzerland
    d. Spain h. United Kingdom
  • Should the travel history indicate that a person has travelled to the countries above in the last 14 days, such person may be refused entry to Indonesia.
  • For Indonesian citizen who have traveled specifically to areas which mentioned above, therefore he/she will have additional check-up at the arrival airport by the Port Health Authority.

This policy is effective starting on Friday, March 20th 2020 at 00.00 local Jakarta time. This policy is temporary and will be evaluated according to the development of Covid-19 cases. The passengers whom affected because of this policy may please contact representatives of local government authorities.

Information of the policy can be accessed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia notice on March 17, 2020 here

These measures are temporary and shall be evaluated pursuant to further development.

Aircrafts Hygiene

Garuda Indonesia is strengthening the preventive action towards the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting aircraft to assure its cabin cleanliness as well as doing sterilization to kill all germs and viruses. Disinfection was done particularly to the fleets which previously served China Mainland routes, and applied thoroughly to the cabin areas that directly contact with passengers, for instance lavatory, seat, tray tables, headrest, seat armrests, overhead compartment, and galley.

Before each departure, Garuda Indonesia also stepping up deep daily cleaning and transit cleaning to mitigate any risks related to the outbreak.

Aside from that, our preventive action was also carried out through replacement HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters on the aircraft which previously served China routes. HEPA filter is cabin air filter system which has been equipped in all Garuda Indonesia fleets. The aircraft filtration systems in cabins can filters 99.999 per cent of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air.

Passengers Health & Social Distancing

The cabin crew also required to check their health condition before and after duty. Other than that, our cabin crew wears masks and hand gloves when serving.

Garuda Indonesia is actively educate passengers to take care of their health especially when they are about to have flight, to ensure it we also check your body temperatures upon boarding. We also provide hand sanitizers on every touch-point pre-flight and on board.

We also highly put our efforts to implement social distancing for our passengers on board by giving an empty seat between each passengers.

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