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Plan your trip from Jakarta to Silangit, flying with the best airline in the world

International Airport Silangit is located in Siborong-Borong sub-district, North Tapanuli district in North Sumatera. The establishment of this airport has made it much easier for people to fly to and from Jakarta for business trips, and also makes it easier for Jakartans to go to Lake Toba as one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

There are several tourist attractions around Silangit like The Samosir Island that’s already famous with its Bataknese Village, complete with its Sigale-Gale statue, The Tomb of Sisingamangaraja XII that is located just only an hour to the Balige, and you could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Toba Lake and Simarjarunjung Hill in Simalungun and not to mention, the main destination that is breathtakingly beautiful Lake Toba that takes only a single hour ride from the Silangit Airport.

Plan your trip from Jakarta to Silangit, flying with the best airline in the world:

Route Flight Number Departure Arrival Days
Jakarta - Silangit GA 268 7:35 9:35 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Silangit - Jakarta GA269 10:40 13:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

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