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Airline: Garuda Indonesia

Airline Code: GA / 126
Effective Date: 01 July 2023

Garuda Indonesia (GA) would like to update you about booking rules and main policies, for individual and group sales. The ticketing policies are related to sales, issuance of GA fares and documents, exchange/reissue, refund, and other related topics. All reservation and ticketing through Agents must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Definitions
    Booking and ticketing practices resulting in unnecessary distribution costs and inventory spoilage are termed as Agent’s misuse or violations. These processes result in excessive Reservation fees and it accounts for a significant percentage of an airline’s overall distribution costs.
  2. Purpose
    This policy aims at reducing the costs associated with inactive segments and other booking related practices which cause negative inventory consequences. It is important for all agents to adhere to these policies to prevent revenue leakages to the airline inventory and avoid violations of reservations, fares, and ticketing guidelines. Enforcing these policies would also ensure last seat availability and ultimately allow agents to offer greater numbers of seats for firm passengers.
  3. Application
    This policy applies to all Travel Agents including conventional travel agents, online travel agents and any other entity accessing Garuda Indonesia Inventory. The travel agent must ensure that all its employees in all its locations are made aware of this policy and of its future amendments. The terms and conditions of this policy and its associated practices and procedures are subject to change upon notice by Garuda Indonesia.
  4. Booking Policy
    • Duplicate booking
      Duplicates include booking the same passenger confirmed/reconfirmed in a same or different flight, class, date, or route where it is not possible for the passenger to travel simultaneously.
    • Fictitious Booking
      Means fictitious names include bookings with spurious or fake names, names of famous personalities with no intent to travel, bookings made for testing purposes, bookings made with intention of blocking inventory. Example of Fictitious Names: Mouse/MICKEY, Traveler/Flight, Unknown/Name, Smith/Annnna etc.
    • Inactive segment
      Travel Agent must take timely follow-up action on reservations that have been canceled by the airline by releasing inactive segments from the bookings. Travel Agents must ensure that all inactive segments such as (not limited to) “HX” are removed from the active PNR before departure.
    • Churning
      Travel agent must not repeatedly create canceling and re-booking for the same passenger on the same flight date (known as churning) to circumvent ticketing time limits and avoid excessive cancellations for achieving GDS productivity targets or any other reason whatsoever as this leads to unreasonably high booking/ cancelling volumes resulting in higher GDS fees for the airline. Any re-booking and cancellation pairs done after the 5th time will be subject to penalty.
    • Waiting List
      Travel Agent must not repeatedly create waitlisted bookings since these do not increase chances of confirming and result only in higher booking volumes and increases GDS fees for an airline. Travel Agents must ensure all waitlisted bookings are removed from the active PNR at least before departure.
    • Passives
      Passive bookings may only be created for individual ticketing purposes and must be cancelled immediately after issuance (same day process). Passive segments that’s not cancelled will be subject to penalty. Passive booking status code refers to GDS passive segment code.
    • Minimum connecting time (MCT)
      Travel Agent must adhere to Minimum Connect Time while booking onward connecting segment. MCT may be updated dynamically. Travel Agents are obliged to follow the respected MCT advised by the system.
  5. Policy Violations
    • Garuda Indonesia reserve the right to hold the travel agent responsible and charged for any loss or damage due to non-adherence to this policy by the relevant travel agent.
    • Garuda Indonesia reserve the right to block travel agents access to view, book, or ticket Garuda Indonesia inventory in case of non-compliance to this policy.
    • Garuda Indonesia further reserve the right to cancel any un-ticketed PNRs of travel agent who have been identified as non-compliant to this policy.

 This policy helps you to make your booking and ticketing more effective, for more details please refer to Garuda Indonesia Booking and Ticketing Policy.

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