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ADM Policy for All BSP Accredited Agents

Airline: Garuda Indonesia
Airline Code: GA / 126
Effective Date: 17 June 2015

Garuda Indonesia (GA) would like to update you in the ADM Policy to inform the travel agent in regard to code of conduct in making reservation and ticketing on Garuda flights through Global Distribution System (GDS). All reservation and ticketing through GDS must adhere to the following rules:


  1. Definitions

    "Abusive Booking" means improper booking practices that would violate Garuda Indonesia’s tarif rules.

    “Churning Bookings” means any repeated booking or canceling of the same itinerary in the same class or different classes of service across one or more passenger name records or GDSs including, without limitation, to circumvent or extend ticketing time limits, hold inventory or to meet GDS productivity requirements.

    “Duplicate Bookings” means bookings for the same time frame where it is not possible for the passenger to travel simultaneously is prohibited, including :
    • Duplicate/multiple reservations within PNR or across PNRs for the same route.
    • Duplicate/multiple reservations for the same passenger regardless of date of traveling and booking status.

    “Fictitious Bookings” means fictitious names include bookings with spurious or fake names, names of famous personalities with no intent to travel, bookings made for testing purposes, bookings made with intention of blocking inventory. Example of Fictitious Names : Mouse/MICKEY, Tango/AAA, Test/Tango, Shah/TEST etc.

    “Passive Bookings” means travel agent use different GDS to book segment and issue ticket. Passive segments must not be used for reasons, such as satisfying GDS productivity requirements, and/or to circumvent fare rules, and/or to fulfill administrative functions.

    “Reservation and Ticketing Through GDS” means booking and ticketing practices done by the Travel Agent with systems owned by Third Party (GDS)

  2. Purpose

    This RIN is aimed to reminding branch offices to make the travel agent be aware of the code of conduct in making reservation and ticketing on Garuda flights through Global Distribution System (GDS) that will effect in reducing distribution costs.

  3. Policy

    Garuda does not allow travel agent to hold more than one reservation for the same passenger to travel on or about the same date to one or more destination where the passenger will be able to use only one reservation.

    Transactions which included in the unproductive transaction category:
    • Abusive Booking
      Improper booking practices included Duplicate Bookings, Fictitious Bookings, Churning Bookings, Passive Bookings, etc.
    • Inactive segment
      All inactive segments must be removed from the GDS PNR at least 24 hours before departure. Inactive segments include those with the status codes of HX, NO, UN, UC, SC, TK, US or WK.

  4. Penalty

    Failure to comply the policy mentioned above will resulted to a penalty of USD 3.00 per head/segment that will be imposed to Travel Agents.

  5. Billing Mechanism

    ADM will be issued by Revenue Accounting (WAP) that will be delivered to Agents through BO concern for Penalty settlement.


Reference: RIN Nr.: 009/2015

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