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1. Garuda Indonesia Airline Boarding Pass, Garuda Miles Boarding Pass, GarudaMiles Gold / Gold EC + / Platinum Card, or Garuda Indonesia City in the Boarding Pass True Value Special Discount Program (“Program”) You can receive a discount by presenting your bank card before payment.

2. Garuda Indonesia has no direct responsibility for the quality and appropriateness of the products and services provided by the operating companies under this program, not for Garuda Indonesia.

3. Garuda Indonesia is not the operating company's agent, intermediary, or partner, and the boarding pass does not guarantee any benefits.Since the operating company does not have the authority of Garuda Indonesia, you are not responsible for the contract with the operating company and you are responsible for it.

4. Garuda Indonesia will not be liable for any loss caused by direct, indirect and consequential damages, physical injury or death caused by goods or services purchased through this program.

5. Garuda Indonesia may change or end part or all of this program without prior notice.

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