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Customer Service Plan

If the denied boarding is expected in a flight departing from an airport in Korea, we will minimize the denied boarding by finding voluntary boarding give-ups and would provide compensation to those denied of boarding based on the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria.

We would compensate damages based on the Warsaw Convention or Montreal Convention with effects equivalent to the domestic laws, and the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria of Korea Consumer Agency under the Fair Trade Commission.

The regulations on ticket cancellation, refund or change vary on airfare and we would provide detailed information on the cost of ticket cancellation, refund or change, cost exemption conditions, cancellation, and refundable or changeable period by guide in booking or e-mail through Garuda Indonesia Korean Branch.

Passengers shall provided with the proper beverage, snack or meal to users if the delay continues more than 2 hours within Tarmac after closing the aircraft door for take-off or until the aircraft door opens for deplaning and be notified of the delay every 30 minutes including the reasons and the progress of any delay if they are known except for the cases the weather conditions for which the captain has to wait on Tarmac or the safety and security reasons including order of the government agencies.

We will notify in a timely manner of changes on your flight when there is a change including detailed information on new schedule guide, provision of alternative flight, cancellation or refund of ticket by text message, e-mail or call on mobile phone if we are not able to operate any flight as planned after sales of tickets. However, this service would be available only when we know the contact information on passengers and the above-mentioned information would be provided as the guide at least 30 minutes before departure in case of domestic flight and 1 hour before in case of international flight within an airport. In addition, we would post the change of schedule change and related matters on the website except for the changes of the day.

  • The tariffs of baggage, free allowance and the number of allowed baggage for tickets sold in Korea are posted on the e-ticket or the website of Garuda Indonesia.
  • Sales of ticket under code share
    The fact the there may be difference between the fare of ticketing carrier and the carriage carrier and, the information on check-in service provider and baggage policy actually applied are posted on the website of Garuda Indonesia. The flight name for boarding can be checked in booking process.
  • Seating of aircraft (including space between the front and rear seats and seat area)
    The cabin layout containing information such as exit locations are posted on the website of Garuda Indonesia.
  • We would post the change in the policy on baggage fee or fee baggage allowance on the website of Garuda Indonesia at least for 3 months.  
  • Matters not set forth above shall be compensated to the extent set forth in the Conditions of Carriage presented on the ticket or related laws of Korea.
  • Contact for ticket complaint: e-mail selrr@garuda.co.kr, tel. 02-773-2092
    Contact for baggage or airport complaint: e-mail cs@garuda.co.kr, tel. 032-744-1990/1
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