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  1. Garuda Indonesia fully commits to respond every customer voice whether in a form of complaint, suggestion or compliment based on the standard operational procedure applied both in terms of the time frame or the response accuracy.
  2. In order to ensure communication convenience for customer, Garuda Indonesia provides various access of customer voice. They are as follows: 
  3. Customer voice in the form of complaint will be followed up if the report completed with flight detail information (flight number, route and date of travel), booking code and/or copy of boarding pass.
  4. Toward complaint which has been submitted, Garuda Indonesia will convey an initial response to acknowledge that the report has been received and is being followed up.
  5. Garuda Indonesia will convey an initial response by the time the report received up to 14 (fourteen) days.
  6. Initial response can be delivered through registered mail, email, phone call or direct meeting.
  7. In the process of complaint settlement, Garuda Indonesia may contact the passenger to obtain the complaint detail and/or other supporting data which are needed in the investigation process.
  8. Official response will be given by the management of Garuda Indonesia either at the Head Office or Branch Office in timely manner after gathering all the investigation result.
  9. In delivering the official response, Garuda Indonesia will use various channels such as email, registered mail, phone call, visit/direct meeting with regard to the Good Corporate Governance principle.
  10. If as a form of complaint settlement, there is any compensation incurred for irregularity or inconvenience occurred, therefore for domestic flights, Garuda Indonesia complies with Indonesia regulation applied and for international flights, Garuda Indonesia complies with Warsaw Convention 1929 regulation or Montreal or European Regulation (EC) No.261/2004 with term and condition applied.
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