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Balikpapan is located at East Kalimantan and is the second largest city after Samarinda in the province of East Kalimantan. This city is known as the Oil City of Indonesia (Banua Patra) and Bumi Manuntung. Balikpapan has Honey Bear, the preserved animal as the mascot.

Balikpapan has the largest economic matters in the whole wide Kalimantan. The economy of Balikpapan City relies on the industrial sectors that are dominated by the oil and gas industries, tradings, and services.

Although most of people go to Balikpapan for business matters, but Balikpapan also has some of tourist attractions that are worth the visit. There are beautiful natural wonders like Manggar Beach, Lamaru Beach and Polda Beach for those of you who like beach getaways. For the greenery scenes, you could visit Margomulyo Mangrove Forest and The Wain River forest where you also could witness the diverse flora and fauna.

Other than the places that have been stated above, there are a lot options of tourist attractions such as Balikpapan Agro Tourism Park, Wanawisata KM10 Garden, Ulin Kariangau Bridge, Teritip Crocodile Farm, Balikpapan Botanical Garden, Lamin Etam Ambors, The Japanese Cave, The Japanese Cannon, Mathilda Monument, and The Tanjungpura Museum.

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