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Seoul, South Korea
37.4602° N, 126.4407° E
Seoul Incheon International Airport
GMT +9:00
Korean Won
humid continental/subtropical
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Changdeokgung Palace

In 1997, the Changdeokgung Palace was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage sites list. The name translates to ‘Prospering Virtue Palace’. It is located in the eastern part of the main palace or the Gyeongbokgung Palace, and this palace that was built in 1405 having nicknames like Donggwol or Donggung (East Palace). This palace was initially a villa for the king’s retreat in the Joeseon Dynasty, but was turned into a place for ceremonial events in later years. When the Joeseon Dynasty ended in 1901, this palace was made into a government asset that is open for public. Until this day, the palace makes a fascinating tourist attraction for its beautiful architecture and unique courtyard that is very well maintained.

  1. Palace Visit
    Admiring the sights and sounds of the palace won’t be enough. To really enjoy the beauty of the palace, you can take part in the tour around the palace that is available for tourists and locals. By taking the tour, you will be guided to explore the palace complex, including the government area on the front of the palace and the private royal family area at the back. English, Japanese, and Chinese-speaking tour guides are available for all tourists’ convenience. One thing to keep in mind, make sure to organize your visiting time with the appropriate guide schedule.

  3. Walking Through Secret Garden
    The Changdeokgung Palace has a 32-hectare courtyard called Huwon. This courtyard was used to hold all kinds of ceremonial events through centuries, as well as a place to unwind for scholars as they ponder on life, writing poems, and practice archery. This cozy garden hosts big trees, several kinds of flower gardens, lotus ponds, and pavilions that were built during the Taejong Kingdom in 1400-1418. There is also a private garden that can only be used by the King, called Geumwon or the Forbidden Garden. Locals call it the Biwon or Secret Garden. To fully experience the garden, do take the available Huwon Tour.
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