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In order to support Government’s program to minimize spreading of Covid-19 in public transportation sector, starting 21 March 2020 Garuda Indonesia will implement social distancing on board as protective measures. Your comfort is our priority because you matter. Hence, we deliver following approaches:

1. Procedure at Check-in Counter

  • You will be asked about your health condition, make sure you are in a good condition and ready to fly
  • You will be undergoing the health screening to the Airport Health Authorities or National Health Authorities if you look to have symptoms:
    • fever or high body temperature above 37.3°C
    • a cough, flu, sore throat, or difficulty in breathing in a couple of days recently
    • contact with person suspected or has COVID-19 cases on the last 14 days

2. Procedure at Boarding Gate

If you appear to have a fever symptom, cough, flu, sore throat, or difficulty in breathing, the officer will coordinate with Airport Health Authorities immediately to verify the symptoms.

3. Social Distancing Implementation

Garuda Indonesia is implementing social distancing on board as protective measures, therefore we deliver the provisions bellow:

  • Arrange seats to passengers with the greatest possible distance apart, at least 1 seat or aisle from each other when issuing boarding passes, except passengers traveling with family and insisting on sitting close together
  • Allocate seats by emptying 1 row between passenger seats first, if it is full to the last row then start applying to rows that are still available
  • Emergency Exit & Comfort Seat provisions still refer to the applicable rules
  • Seat arrangement will be applied while possible
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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