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To make it easier for GarudaMiles Members to collect Miles, GarudaMiles has partnered with Ultra Voucher as a Voucher provider platform. GarudaMiles purchases will be made through Ultra Voucher application channel or other UV sales channels through the redemption of Rewards from Ultra Voucher partners into GarudaMiles.

Term & Condition :

  1. Voucher GarudaMiles can be purchase on the Ultra Voucher application every day, including weekends and National holidays as long as the GarudaMiles Voucher feature is active.
  2. The miles earned are Award Miles which cannot be used as a basis for determining qualifications for GarudaMiles membership levels.
  3. The validity period of Miles is 36 months from when they are credited.
  4. The voucher amounts available are :
    • 500 Miles
    • 1,000 Miles
    • 2,000 Miles
    • 5,000 Miles

Mechanism for purchasing GarudaMiles Vouchers on the Ultra Voucher Application:

  1. Members purchase GarudaMiles Vouchers via Ultra Voucher App in the Travel section -> select GarudaMiles -> select the Nominal Miles to be purchased.
  2. Vouchers can be found on the "MyVoucher" page after making a purchase.
  3. GarudaMiles vouchers are valid 1 year after the date of purchase or refer to the validity stated on the voucher.

Mechanism for exchanging GarudaMiles Vouchers to Award Miles:

  1. In the Ultra voucher application, open the "My Voucher" page, go to the voucher details page and click the "Redeem" button.
  2. After clicking, there will be a pop-up in the form of a special redemption website for GarudaMiles vouchers.
  3. Enter the registered GarudaMiles number then click the Sign in button.
  4. After clicking continue there will be a confirmation pop-up warning that you have agreed to top-up the GarudaMiles account that you have entered, click "Yes" to continue.
  5. Once finished, a successful point filling page will appear. You can check the points entered in the GarudaMiles application or https://web.garuda-indonesia.com/.
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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