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Garuda Indonesia is committed and actively participates in suppressing the growth rate of gas emissions resulting from operational activities through various programs that have been implemented in line with Garuda Indonesia’s ‘Quantum Leap Program’ and IATA’s Four Pillar Strategy (Improved Technology, Effective Operations, Efficient Infrastructure, and Positive Economic Measures). These programs are as follows:

  • Fuel Conservation Program

    Fuel Conservation is a fuel saving program that has been implemented and will always be continue to be implemented by Garuda Indonesia. Through these fuel conservation program, several strategic measures has been implemented and improved.

  • Potable Water Management

    One of the best ways to reduce the aircraft load is by managing the volume of water transported in the aircraft which tailored to the number of souls on board and travel time of each flight. The more volume of water transported, the greater the fuel consumption of the aircraft. Therefore a careful and thorough calculation is required to determine how much the volume of water that must be transported.

  • Optimum Centre of Gravity

    Setting the position of the load in order to obtain the best optimum and efficient fuel consumption.

  • Nearest Alternate

    Policy in choosing the alternate airports on each flight is based on the closest distance from the airport destinations. By choosing the closer alternate destination, the fuel consumption will be fewer.

  • Cost Index

    Cost Index is the setting of aircraft speed to obtain the fuel efficiency, by applying a "speed value" which is specific to each aircraft type for each departure station.

  • ATC Coordination (Direct Routes & Optimum Flight Level)

    Good coordination with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is expected on each flight of Garuda to get Direct Routing and Optimum Flight Level, which is certainly impacted on more efficient fuel consumption.

  • Pilot Flight Technique

    Similarly, the flight technique is always modified from time to time in accordance with the development of the existing technology to produce a low efficient but still safe and comfortable.

  • Aircraft Performance Monitoring

    Regular maintenance program is carried out by the Engineering unit to support fuel conservation program. It is always implemented to control the level of engine high consume.

  • Optimum GPU Usage

    Optimizing the use of the GPU is an attempt to optimize the use of the GPU as the substitute of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) in the domestic and international airports for RON aircraft (Remain Over Night; Aircraft which stays at the airport over night), the aircraft first flight after the RON and for aircraft that transit more than 2 hours.

    Through fuel savings program, in 2016 the Company managed to save fuel as much as 41.78 million liters which is equivalent to 104.21 million tons of CO2.

  • Fleet Rejuvenation

    The Company has significantly implemented fleet development programs through fleet revitalization on new aircrafts namely Airbus A330s, Boeing 737-800NG, and Boeing 777-300 ER. The measure has been taken in order to improve service quality, drive higher operational cost efficiency, lower emissions, as well as to achieve flights’ noise reduction. Armed with a range of new fleet supported by cutting-edge technology and fuel efficiency, the Company will be able to improve efficiency significantly. The Company is targeting an average fleet age of under 6 years old by the end of 2016.

  • Noise Reduction

    The noise level on each aircraft to be leased or purchased by company is one of the important issues taken into consideration by the management. Aircraft engine maintenance process is also constantly monitored and ensured in accordance with the standards of the company (Company Maintenance Standard) as well as standard/requirement of the aircraft maintenance from the plant/manufacture of each aircraft. Moreover, as stated earlier, aircraft rejuvenation in addition to lowering emissions level also reduce the level of noise generated from each aircrafft. Garuda always reduces the noise level generated from the flight by updating its fleet significantly with the A330, Boeing 738 and Boeing 777 that meets the requirements of stage 3.

  • Electricity Conservation

    The Company understands that building is one of the factors that contribute to global warming. To that end, a concern and our responsibility to the environment is also realized through the development of eco-friendly office area, one of which is through energy saving. In order to achieve electricity saving, one of the. efforts is by regulating the use of equipment:

    • Reduce the use of light with a glass wall mounting.
    • The arrangement of lamp which corresponds to the position to obtain optimal lighting.
    • Turn off the air conditioner, lights, computers, and other electrical equipment when it is not used.
    • Signing the commitment of LED lamp replacement for office gradually.

    The detailed information on power usage in the office buildings of Garuda City from 2012 to 2016 is as follows:

  • Water Conservation

    Water conservation initiatives are implemented by the Company through water resources management across all of the Company’s working area. These initiatives are aimed to reduce water discharge and utilization of hand wash detector. From the water energy saving initiatives such as regulating water discharge and installing hand wash detector in the toilets of head office in Garuda City Centre, it is recorded that the water saving has improved. Clean water installation across the Company’s office buildings have also received regular maintenance. Every year, the office building management periodically rejuvenates the clear water installation so as to reduce plumbing leakage. Such initiative also represents the Company’s concern to preserve water as a resource which needs to be used as efficient as possible.

    The detailed information on water utilization in the office buildings of Garuda City from 2012 to 2016 is as follows:

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