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Garuda Indonesia understands that buildings and edifices are one of the contributing factors to global warming. That is why we are showing our awareness and responsibility by building environmentally friendly office areas which pay attention to the following important aspects:

  1. Energy Saving

    The company is committed to energy efficiency as part of the effort to increase the environmental value, reduce the effect of climate change while anticipating an energy deficit in accordance with the prediction about the rising growth rate of the world’s population in the upcoming years.

    Garuda Indonesia has put its best efforts into energy efficiency by reducing the usage of artificial lights and optimizing the usage of natural light through the installation of glass walls in office areas. Apart from that, energy efficiency is also shown with light installation based on position, remote office application and restricting the use of air conditioners, in non-operational areas, after work hours.

  2. Water Conservation

    The effort to improve water efficiency is conducted through the management of water resources, in all work areas of Garuda Indonesia, by reducing the discharge rate of water and using hand wash detectors.

  3. The installation of more than 1,000 bio-pores in the office area of Garuda City Center.
  4. Building a pedestrian lane in the office area of Garuda City Center.
  5. Building a cycling lane for employees.
  6. Planting trees in the office area of Garuda City Center.
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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