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Palopo City is located in South Sulawesi. Palopo is widely known by the people as the access to Torajaland. Torajaland itself has been famous as one of the mandatory tourist attractions to visit in Indonesia. A lot of domestic and international tourists visit Torajaland to witness the unique traditions in the Torajaland. This is because of the local people still strictly uphold the traditional beliefs, regulations and rituals.

Here’s a few of the attractive local traditions that you can witness in Torajaland:

Ma’nene Ritual

Is a ritual in Torajaland where the local people clean and dress the corpses with new clothes. This ritual is conducted once in every three years.

Rambu Solo Ceremony

Is a ceremony where the Torajans have intricate funeral processions and the expensive cost.

Ke’te Kesu’ Ancient Village

Is located around 5 km away from Rantapao, Ke’te Kesu’ has ancient relics in the form of monolithic stone markers that are more than 500 years old.

Ne’Ganden Museum

Located in Palangi Village, Sa’dan Balusu sub-district, in this museum you could learn about the history and the culture of the Torajan People.

Traditional Ancestral Tongkonan House

With the distinguishing and iconic shape, Tongkonan House is the traditional ancestral house of Torajan people.


Frequently called as the land above the cloud, because from up here you could witness the splendour of Torajaland.

Bori Kalimbuang

Is a religious site that is filled by around 100 menhir (standing) stones that were meant for honoring the community leaders or aristocrats who have passed away.

Not only in Torajaland, in the Palopo City you could visit many tourist attractions such as Latuppa, Bambalu area, Kambo Highlands, Labombo Beach, Old Great Mosque (the mosque that was built in 1604), Kalo’k Dewata Cave, Batara Guru Museum and Langkanae Luwu Palace.

When you visit Palopo, don’t forget to taste the culinary wonders around the area, such as Kapurung, Lawa and Pacco.


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